Mommy Has a Cold

My head is so hot,
My feet are so cold.
My whole body aches,
I feel 300 years old.
My throat, how it hurts.
My voice sounds like a frog,
but then, in the distance, as though in a fog,
I hear three small voices, three cats, and one dog.
Mommy she hit me!
Mommy she bit me!
Mommy, please, Mommy
please Mommy, come quickly
Mommy, I need you!
Mommy, what shall I do?
My hair needs some brushing,
and I’ve lost my new shoe!
Mommy, oh Mommy,
please wipe my butt, too!
The beds all need making,
the house is a mess.
There’s dusting and vacuuming
and all of the rest.
So I sniffle and snuffle,
I moan and I cough.
Do I whine and complain?
Oh, no, I do not!
This household, it needs me,
there’s just no other way.
So I drink some green tea
and get on with my day.
Suck it up is my motto,
and that’s all that I’ll say.

*** I wrote this in response to this post, by Evonne Lack, my favorite mommy blogger.
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