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Today is Ella Bean’s second birthday!  I can’t believe how fast two years went!  Two years ago I was in the hospital,  holding my second baby, and worrying how my first was going to react.  Now, we have baby number three, and my second baby is now my middle child and charging into her two’s with tantrums and new words and a budding relationship with her older sister.

Ella is my little brute.   She is one tough cookie.  She’s determined to keep up with her older sister, and that often means falling in the attempt, but she gets right back up and tries again.  No complaining from her.  She’s my snuggler.  She still buries her face in the crook of my neck when I pick her up.  She loves to give hugs and she says “I love you” all the time.    She’s my little ham.  She loves to get a laugh, whether you’re laughing with her or at her, it doesn’t matter.  She’ll keep doing whatever it is that gets the laugh.  She’s my outgoing one.  She says hi to strangers and joins right in with the other kids, even when her older sister is hanging back.

We’re having a family party today, probably going to the Aquarium with the kids and opening presents.  I made a bear cake that didn’t turn out quite right.  Instead of one 3-D bear sitting upright, it’s now two bears kissing.  I don’t think she’ll care.  And on Sunday, we are having her birthday party with Dora  Explorer Girl coming to our house for games, face painting, and balloon animals.  It should be fun.Conditioning her hair

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