Green Thursdays: Aquarium of the Pacific

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for Ella’s birthday yesterday.  Every time I’m there, I’m impressed with their obvious commitment to being green.    Their exhibits showcase the impact we have on the oceans, talk about endangered species and poaching, and about being mindful of the fish we choose to consume and how they are caught.

They have a great exhibit talking about the watersheds in Southern California, or lack thereof, and how we can reduce our water consumption.  Every time I visit I think about doing some native plant landscaping to decrease the amount of water we use watering our lawn.  We have an upper tier that gets neglected and the grass dies all the time because it’s on a manual watering system and we don’t bother watering it much.    This time, we’re going to hire someone to plan it for us, and we’ll do the planting, hopefully.  They have some really nice areas at the aquarium that are landscaped with native plants, rocks, and bark.   They even have an online site where you can design your own native plant yard.

The thing that impressed me most today was in the cafeteria.  We bought our lunches there, and I was looking at the plastic cups and noticed they said “made from corn” and “fully compostable”.   I was surprised because I didn’t realize such a product existed.  I looked at all our disposable products on the table, and every item, the silverware, “plastic” cups, coffee cups, and plates were all compostable.  I was a little disappointed that I had already purchased paper plates and plastic silverware for Ella’s birthday party on Sunday.  Had I known these existed, I would have ordered them.

The site to order these is Eco-products.  They are clearly primarily a place for businesses to buy supplies, but they do have smaller quantities available that would be perfect for parties or to just have around whenever you would use disposable products.   I could not tell the difference between these products and the traditional paper and plastic products I’m used to.  They seemed durable and held up well.

What cool green products do you use around the house?

**Disclaimer:  As usual, no one paid me anything or offered me anything for this post.  Just cool stuff I like.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Popped over from SITS. Green products I use around the house are mainly my son’s reusable snack bags. They are perfect for his goldfish, carrot chips, dried fruit, etc. Hubby uses one for his sandwichs. Machine washable too. I made them all (and sell them on in my Etsy shop). Otherwise, we use CFL bulbs & recycle. I did write several posts about our being eco-friendly at home in my blog. Feel free to vist. For the snack bags, the link is