Ella’s Birthday Party

Ella had her Dora birthday party yesterday.  It turned out pretty well.

Saturday was a little stressful.  Between getting the house cleaned, laundry done, buying fruit and bread products, and getting everything possible ready, I was exhausted by Saturday night.  Then,  when the rental tables were finally delivered at 4:30, and I realized at 5:00 the two smaller tables were not actually children’s tables, just smaller adult tables, things got a little more stressful.  The rental company closed at 5, so I left a message, but they aren’t open Sundays, so no way I was going to get the right tables delivered in time for my 10:30 party.   I had two tables for adults and 16 kids chairs that could not be used together.

My parents, who came over to help me get everything ready and stayed overnight for the party, and I tried to brainstorm how the kids were going to eat.  With everyone 5 and under,  just balancing food on their laps wasn’t going to work.  We decided it would be best to buy some cheap blankets and try picnic style on the ground.   Sean wasn’t too fond of that idea when he came home from work, so he said he’d take care of it.   I stewed and steamed when he left at 9:30 to go get something to fix the tables we had.  I figured he wouldn’t be able to , and I would be stuck trying to run for blankets in the morning in addition to getting things set up.

Well, I owe him an apology.  (Sorry, Sean.)  He got cinder blocks and fixed it so the tables set with their legs folded on top of the blocks and were the right height for the little chairs.  Problem solved.

The actual party went off without  a hitch.  It was overcast most of the time, but not cold, and the sun came out at the end for a little while.  (Enough for all of us to get a little burn.  Mommy forgot sunscreen.   Oops.)

I hired a Dora to come to the party and she entertained the kids for an hour and a half with face painting, magic, games, dancing, and balloon animals.  They ate lunch in between things, the adults could just enjoy themselves because the kids were entertained.  After she left, we had cake and it was time for everyone to go home.  Perfect.

And, some pictures for your enjoyment.  Not too many, most had other people in it and I didn’t want to post those without permission.

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  1. Alyna @ Better Your Blog
    Twitter: BetterYourBlog

    Hubby had an ingenious fix – didn’t he? I’m impressed!

    The girls look like they had a blast!!! :-) Great idea, Jessica.


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