What Are They Thinking: Bedtime

After putting the girls to bed, as I think is typical, they call us back in repeatedly.  We go in a couple times, then ignore them.  Sometimes Ella gets a little loud, and since she might wake Penny, we have to tell her to be quiet.  This was tonight’s discussion.

Ella:  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!  DADDY!  DADDY!  DADDDDEEE!

Me (stage whispers):  Ella!   Shh!  Go to sleep, you’ll wake the baby!

Ella:  Me no talkin’ to you, Mommy!  DADDY!  DADDY!

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  1. Joyce
    Twitter: joycerothman

    I loved your post – Ellas sounds like a little spitfire!! She reminds me of Lexi! I have a post also titled “What are they thinking”. Great minds must think alike!!