Potty Words

As with most things I’ve learned as a parent, this started innocently enough, and has now warped into something I’d like to put a stop to.

When Samantha was little(r), we would use the words burp and fart, in our home, when she did one of those two things.  At that point, we were naming everything to build her vocabulary and allow her to communicate with us.  She eventually picked up the words and would tell us when she did them.  It was kind of cute to hear a toddler say, “Burp, Mommy,” with a big smile on her face.

Ella picked the words up very quickly, and also began announcing her accomplishments, much to Samantha’s pleasure.  Dinner often consisted of this dialouge:

Ella:  Fart!

Sam: laughs hysterically

Ella: (realizing she’s getting a laugh, smiles) Fart!

Sam: more laughing

This continued ad nauseum until I said in my stern mommy voice, sounding very much like my own mother, “Girls, that’s enough.”

Now, they both announce their gaseous emissions loudly.  It’s no longer cute.  Samantha has started doing it in public, and it’s only a matter of time before Ella catches on.    I’ve tried ignoring it, but they are persistent and assume I didn’t hear them, and tell me even more loudly until I acknowledge them.  Saying, “Ok,” or “I heard you the first time,” doesn’t cut it for them.  They are apparently seeking validation.  I have to say, “Good job,” or something praise-like or they just keep going, louder and louder.

I’m hoping continuing to try to ignore it will eventually work and they’ll stop.  Preferably before Penny learns to talk.  Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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