Literal Translations

Ella is at the age where she understands most words, but not euphemisms, jokes, etc.  It can lead to some humorous conversations when she takes everything literally.  Of course, I have an example.

The Scene:  Ella is sick with a fever.   I still go for walks when they’re sick but active and eating normally.   I think it’s good for them to get outside and get some fresh air.   Sammy walks with me.   Ella rides in the double stroller.   She likes to get out the last two blocks to walk.   Today, she looked like a little drunk person, staggering all over the place, eyes glazed from  her fever.

Me:   Ella, honey, do you want to get back in the stroller?  You look pooped.

Ella:   (grabbing her bottom)  No poop, Mommy.

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