My Heart Just Stopped for A Second

I recently switched from blogger to self-hosted WordPress.  On my webserver there are all these cool programs for building my site that I have no idea what they do.  So, today I decided to try one.  Bad move.  It overrode WordPress and wiped my site.  (That thud you just heard was my heart dropping into my stomach just remembering it.)   I quickly uninstalled it, but my site was gone.  I could see my dashboard, everything was still there, but if I typed in my address, nothing.  AAAAHHH!

My heart stopped, I panicked, I turned on Dora, and…

I called customer support.  And can I just say THANK YOU!!!!! to Bluehost.  They were able to get my site restored fully with no lost content.  I was so excited.  Then, my feedburner wasn’t working.  I tried pinging and all the other stuff and nothing.  I tried clicking on my links and they weren’t there.  AAAHHH!  Call back, again, THANK YOU!!!  Fixed the problem and everything is happy and calm in my world again.

So if you were trying to read my site in the last couple hours or click on any links that may be around, sorry.  My bad.  I promise never to mess around with things I don’t understand ever, ever, ever, again.  If you’re still experiencing any issues, let me know, and I’ll call someone to fix it. :)

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  1. the husband says:

    You’re a dork. When you told me your heart stopped for a second, I thought you dropped Penny, the dresser fell on Ella (if I was cool I bet I could put a link here to your previous post about this, but I’m not), or Missy bit one of the kids, etc. But no. I should also thank Bluehost for fixing the problem because if they didn’t I wouldn’t hear the end of it. There would be yelling and cursing at the computer screen into the wee hours of the night. Then tomorrow I would hear how tired you are and that you should have went to sleep earlier. Love ya! =)

  2. Fire Wife Katie
    Twitter: firewifekatie

    Eeek! I’ve been contemplating moving to self-hosted WordPress…. maybe I’ll wait until someone can professionally do it for me!
    .-= Fire Wife Katie´s last blog ..Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites =-.

  3. Jessica Anne says:

    @Fire Wife Katie: It wasn’t hard to switch over. I was just messing around with a non-Wordpress program that I shouldn’t have been. :)