The Embassy Suites

My parents are going to Hawaii today.  (I know, lucky them.)  They decided to stay at a hotel last night near us to be closer to the airport and to see the girls.  We decided to spend the afternoon at the hotel for a little change of pace.

After nap, we took the girls to the hotel to go swimming in the pool.  They had a blast!  None of them can actually swim (Sammy goes a few feet by herself), but they loved splashing around and being pulled through the water.   It was Penny’s first time in the pool and she loved it.   I have to say, there is not much cuter in the world than chubby little Penny in a swimsuit kicking her legs and looking surprised when she looks down and her face gets wet.  The pool water was a little chilly, so we only stayed in about twenty minutes.

After swimming, we went up to the room and placed our room service order.  Then I gave the girls a bath.  Another first for Penny, she got in with the two big girls after I had bathed them since I didn’t bring the baby tub.  She enjoyed it, but she kept trying to lay down in the tub.  We’ll have to wait a little while before trying that at home.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their hot dog, mac n cheese, and French fry dinner.  We watched a television show on the pull out bed.  Then went home to sleep in our own beds.

There was only one incident the entire afternoon.  And for that, I do have to apologize to the Embassy Suites guests using the pool area.  While in the pool, Sammy suddenly stopped swimming and said really fast, “I have to go to the bathroom!”  We got out of that pool so fast and rushed to the potty in the corner.  When we got in I tried to take off her swimsuit, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Sammy!  You have to take off you’re swimsuit to go potty!  Don’t you have to go potty?” I said.

“No.”  she replied.

“No? But you just said you had to go potty?”

Her response, “I already did.”

Apparently, some of the water running down her legs when we got out of the pool wasn’t just water.  So, sorry people at the Embassy Suites.  Hope you all remembered to wear shoes around the pool and took a bath after swimming.

(I do have to note that other than going to the bathroom, there would be no reason for anyone to walk in the area where she peed.  Oh, and urine is technically sterile.)

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