My Hay Allergy

Since we’ve had Delilah, I’ve been working to try to get her on a healthier diet.  For a tortoise, that means hay.  My husband is very allergic, so the duty fell to me.  I really don’t have allergies.  A little on occasion to something blooming, but very rarely, and not to anything specific.  I had a guinea pig and a rabbit as pets.  They ate hay and I never had a problem with it.

Well, apparently I have a problem now.  The first day I fed the hay, I started sneezing and coughing and my eyes started watering.  I then developed hives on my arms where the hay had touched.  The worst was the sweating.  I was seriously dripping sweat like I had just run a marathon, in 40 seconds.  It was crazy!  I took some benedryl and all was better.  Well, the hives lasted a few hours, but they didn’t itch anymore.

I had my husband bring home latex gloves from work for me.  He also brought home a paper gown and a mask to wear over my face.

The next day I donned my gear, minus the gown, I thought that was silly,  and fed the tortoise.  No reaction!  Then I took off the gloves and accidentally touched my arm with the finger of a glove.  Hives.  My whole arm.  REALLY itchy.  More benedryl.

The next day I donned the full outfit.  No reaction.  At least I had finally found a way to feed the hay without having an allergic reaction to the hay.

Then today, I was in my full get up, and I guess some hay dust got into my eye.  I have never had such an itchy eye.  And it felt funny and was hard to open all the way.  I looked in the mirror and my eyelids were swollen almost completely shut on that side.  I could make out some individual hives on my eyelid!  Benedryl helped some, definitely got rid of the itching, but my eyelids are still swollen.  I look like my husband beats me.   And I’m really sleepy and groggy from the benedryl.

There will be much television watching in my house today since Mommy feels funny.  Delilah may wind up not getting hay.  I’m looking into a prepared tortoise diet.  We’ll see.

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  1. jaded16 says:

    You know, we fed Mimi tiny chopped up carrots and cabbage leaves. Hay isn’t the only option for tortoises.

    Hope you feel better soon!
    .-= jaded16´s last blog ..Lolita Re-Visited. Also: On Tackling MansplainingDouches =-.

    • Jessica Anne says:

      She does eat fruits and green veggies, but she’s starting to show pyramiding of her shell, her urates are chalky, and she has chronic diarrhea from that diet. Hay would improve her health immensely. (Plus make cleaning my yard easier :)). I realized I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses yesterday when I handled the hay. So maybe that will fix it. I am stubborn. :)

  2. jaded16 says:

    Aye, a thing both of us have in common :)