Spelling Bee

Samantha is currently obsessed with spelling and letters.  She can name most of her letters and knows the sounds half of them make, but she can’t spell.   Well, she can spell her name, but that’s it.    I should be happy about her interest in letters and words.  It’s a sign she’s getting close to being able to read.  (I can’t wait until she can read a book to herself.)  I take it as a sign she’s going to be an avid learner, which is good, right?

The problem is, I hear this all day long:  “Mommy, what does tree start with?  Mommy, what does fish start with?  Mommy, what does house start with?  Mommy, what does shoe start with? ”  She never remembers what words start with, she’s just talking to talk.  She’ll ask me what tree starts with, then two minutes later ask me again.   When I ask her what it starts with, since I just told her, she doesn’t remember.    I have been able to make the sound of the first letter the last couple days, and she’ll get that sometimes.

As annoying as it is to name the first letter of everything she sees, even more annoying is her attempts at spelling.  “Mommy, what does pqzxy spell?  Mommy, what does nqtrl spell?  Mommy, what does vyxrp spell?”

It drives me NUTS!  She never puts a vowel in anything and gets mad when I tell her it doesn’t spell anything.     I. Can’t. Stand. hearing this nonsense all day long!  I just want to scream at her YOU NEED TO USE A VOWEL!  Of course, it would do no good since she doesn’t know a vowel from a hole in the ground.    Plus, I don’t want to discourage her interest.

She also is obsessed with using the letters q, x, and z when she spells.  Come on!  Those letters are not in that many words.  Maybe if she used s, t, or e sometimes, she’d actually spell something.

I wonder if Wheel of Fortune is still on the air?  Maybe if I let her watch that I can say to her, you need to buy a vowel.

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  1. Ahh, yes, the fun phases of our children learning. At least she’s eager about it! :-)
    .-= Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas´s last blog ..more 30th Birthday Party Ideas =-.

  2. Krista says:

    I think Wheel of Fortune is a good idea. You could always teach her acronyms…SOS. LOL. WTHeck. Thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve returned the follow!

  3. April says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Kids are so funny. I remember when my niece was in the “I like to rhyme everything” stage and she would make up words to make something rhyme.

  4. alexis
    Twitter: alexistlesa

    i love that you’re not afraid to say that your kid is driving you nuts. sometimes people just don’t understand that you can love that child so much it hurts, but at the same time just want them. to. stop.talking. even if it’s just for a couple of minutes (although hours would be better). my son is non-stop with the questions and the stories and the everything right now, so it’s all i can do not to pull my hair out. i feel your pain.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment!