Hummus in the Hair

Ella’s favorite food is hummus.  It’s true.  If you ask her what her favorite food is, she’ll tell you, “huwwus”.  She actually likes spinach-artichoke hummus.   For lunch, I frequently give her a few spoonfuls in a bowl and she eats it with a spoon plain.   Easy and nutritious, I’m all for that.

The only problem is Ella eats slow (she actually does everything slow).  I mean painfully slow.  It can take her forty minutes to finish a meal.   I have two other children who need things during that forty minutes, so I have to leave her alone at the table pretty regularly.    She usually takes that alone time to paint the table with her hummus, or dump her shredded cheese on the floor, or spread her yogurt on her tortilla.  I hurry as fast as I can, but there’s always a mess when I return.

Today, she outdid herself.  Hummus smeared on a tortilla, then torn in pieces, and stuck to her hair in various places.

“Look my hats, Mommy!” she said.

Fantastic.  Now, I try to do as little bathing of my children as I can.  One bath a day is plenty, with Fridays off.  I’m lazy that way.  So I unstuck the tortilla pieces, and wiped her hair as best as possible.   I think it mostly just smeared in though.  I guess I’ll see if it’s a good conditioner tonight at bath time.  Good thing it wasn’t Friday.

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  1. Alyna @ Better Your Blog
    Twitter: BetterYourBlog

    She keeps you busy!!! Your posts are often so funny! I can totally picture this happening…

    I was a slow eater as well. I was slow at a lot of things. Time-wise not mental-wise. It was very hard for me growing up because I was also a tad bit perfectionistic. (apparently that’s not a word but it should be, damn it!) You know those tests that they made a point of filling in the cirlces completely and darkly with your number two pencil? Or else it might not be graded properly? Yeah, not the thing to tell a kid like me. They wanted to move me ahead a grade except I “didn’t complete work in a timely manner.”

    Anyway, I wonder if Ella’s slowness is similar…