Look! I Got An Award!

I just got my very first award from Chelsea over at Adventures in Vandyland!   She has a great blog and such cute girls!  You should definitely check her out.  Thanks so much, Chelsea, for passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to me!  Yay!  (I’m doing a little dance.   Since you can’t see it, just imagine it, it’s really good.)

So, now, according to the rules of the Beautiful Blogger Award, after thanking the person who gave you the award (Did I mention how awesome Adventures in Vandyland is?), I have to tell you 7 things about me that you may not know.

  1. Bees love me.  They find me and land on me all the time.  I will be walking down the street and a bee will just land on my shirt or my head randomly.  I have been stung 23 times in my life so far.
  2. Samantha’s due date was exactly nine months to the day after our wedding.  She came 10 days early.
  3. I grew up in Minnesota, thinking Los Angeles was a dangerous place.  Now I live in Los Angeles.
  4. I have delivered kittens, puppies, and calves.  All naturally and via C-section.
  5. I don’t like Mexican food.  It disagrees with me, a lot.  I don’t eat it out ever.  EVER! But I cook it at home sometimes.  I make killer fish tacos.
  6. I can touch my tongue to my nose.  It’s quite a talent.
  7. I like to go to baseball games.  Not so much because I like baseball (it’s okay), but because I like to buy a program and fill it out and I really  like ballpark food.   Hot dogs are just better at a baseball game.  And soft pretzels.  And peanuts.  And those chocolate malt things that you eat         with a stick instead of a spoon.

Now it’s time to pass the award on to 12 other blogs.  It’s supposed to be new blogs, but I’m just going with blogs I like, most are pretty new:  Mommy of A Monster,  My Fantabulous Wonderful Life,  One Love Mama, Skinned Knees,  Surviving a Two Year Old, Sweet TattleTales, The Life of A Firefighter’s Wife, The Never True Tales, 456 eleven, Adventuroo, After The Alter, This Lovely Life

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  1. Fire Wife Katie
    Twitter: firewifekatie

    Yay! Thanks for the blog award! :D I am a bee magnet, too. And mosquitoes. Ugh! :p

  2. Nikki says:

    Thanks so much the the bloggie award!!! Totally made my day!!!

  3. Natalie
    Twitter: mommyofamonster

    Why thank you!! This made my day :)

    Isn’t it funny how “the movies” portray LA?! It’s really not different from any other big city out there. I’m about an hour away in Riverside County!

  4. Melissa
    Twitter: adventuroo

    Wow delivering animals is quite impressive!

    Thanks for the award! I’m quite honored! :-)

  5. Wow, thank you for passing along the Beautiful Blogger Award to me! I’m honored!

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog not too long ago!

  6. Emily
    Twitter: egleonard

    Thanks for the award, Sorry it took so much time to repond I was out of town and then completely forgot. I blame mommy brain.


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