We went to Disneyland for four days last week.  We live about a half hour away, so you would think we would go often, but we don’t.  We go at Christmas time because I like the decorations, but otherwise, we generally don’t go.  We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and had a good time.  (Well, the girls had a good time.  Mommy and Daddy would like another vacation with no children to sleep and recover from this one.)

I bought the older girls Princess dresses to wear to Disneyland one day to meet the Princesses.  If you’ve never been, you stand in line for forty-five minutes to take your picture with three princesses.  This time we met Jasmine, Tianna, and Ariel.   Ella was scared of Jasmine (just because she was first), but after that, oh my God, they were both in heaven!  They love those princesses.  All day long, the workers referred to them as Princesses or Snow White and Belle, and they ate it up.  Too cute!

Princess Sammy

Princess Ella

We went to California Adventure. We had never been because we usually only go one day and there just isn’t time to see both parks in one day.  I was surprised it was fun.  Much less crowded than Disneyland.   It’s set up like different areas of California.  There’s the Northern California forest area, the Napa area (with actual wine),  the Monterrey Bay cannery row area, and the Santa Monica Pier area.  I’ve been to all those places in real life, and Disney does a good job mimicking them.  They have some water attractions for the kids to get wet and cool down.

The girls  rode the big ferris wheel for the first time (not Penny), and some rocket thingy (again, not Penny).  Samantha is now tall enough to ride some of the rides that have a height limit.  I think she loved those the most only because Ella couldn’t go.

The Ferris Wheel

Samantha rode her first roller coaster at Disneyland and loved it!  I haven’t enjoyed those kinds of rides for quite a while.  (Mostly, my stomach hasn’t enjoyed those kinds of rides.)  But for some reason, riding with Samantha and watching her squeal with fear and delight, kept me from losing my lunch.

All three girls’ favorite rides were the carousels and It’s A Small World.  We rode that ride four times.  I still have the song in my head.

Having Fun on the rides

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