Ella’s Haircut

Thursday afternoon, after our 4 o’clock walk and before dinner, Sam and Ella went into the bathroom to play. I heard the water running, and knew there would be a mess, but I was tired and just wanted a little quiet time to check my e-mail in peace. So I ignored them. Samantha came running out of the bathroom and told me Ella had cut her hair.

I looked, but couldn’t see any hair missing. I asked her to point and she showed me three spots and I still couldn’t see any missing. I went to the bathroom and this is what I saw

A lot of hair

I looked at Ella.  Her hair was soaked because she had wet it to cut it (just like I do).   She looked like this,


I asked her what she had done.  She showed me by grabbing a clump of hair and cutting.  Aaack!

As I combed her hair to try to see what the damage was, clumps came out.  She had cut one half of her bangs, really short, and cut pieces out all over the rest of her head pretty short too.    So, I had to even it out, like this,


A friend of mine once said there’s no reason to bother taking kids to get their hair cut professionally.  They don’t get that good of haircuts, might as well save the money and do it yourself.  Besides, their little, if their hair looks janky, who cares?  Well, Ella, my dear, your hair looks janky.

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  1. Natalie
    Twitter: mommyofamonster

    Oh goodness! That’s funny and I know it’ll happen over here sooner or later! Actually…it looks cute from what I can see :)

  2. TornadoTwos says:

    Oh no! I think almost every parent goes through this with atleast one of their kids. When my oldest 2 were 2 and 3 my son cut all the curls off my daughters hair- I asked him what on earth he did that for, and he said her hair was all crazy so he was fixing it.

  3. Sofia's Ideas
    Twitter: SofiasIdeas

    Oh goodness gracious! Out of my 5 children, only 1 ever tried this but she was trying to cut frizzies off the top of her head so she could have a smooth ponytail. :)

    Your daughter still looks cute, it almost looks like the short bangs are on purpose.

    It makes for good memories too!

  4. jaded16 says:

    She does look very cute though. Maybe she’s the only one who can pull Janky off.

  5. Jessica Anne says:

    Thanks everyone, for the kind words. It still looks janky though. :)

  6. Roxane
    Twitter: roxane_bock

    I am so ashamed to say this but even though I have a cosmetology license, I can’t cut my kids’ hair to save my life. Other people, yes. My kids, not so much.

    Your girls are adorable, by the way.