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I recently purchased three tutus from Melanie at  tutu bug.  They are so great, I thought I’d share.

The first time I came upon tutu bug I was in love!  The tutus were absolutely gorgeous, so full and with beautiful color combinations.  I knew my three little girls would love them!  I entered a contest to win one.  It was a hard contest for me because it required I choose my favorite tutu, and they are all so delicious!   You can look for yourself here.

I didn’t win, but I began following the blog, waiting for another opportunity.   Then, there it was, a sale!    The prices are reasonable, but a sale is a steal!  I quickly snapped up these three tutus:

Red Sox/Patriots Tutu


LadyBug Tutu

My order was sent out within a few hours of my placing it.   It arrived after only a couple days on Thursday.  As soon as I got the box, I opened it.  Each tutu was wrapped so nicely in tissue with a ribbon.  When I removed the tutus,  I audibly gasped.    They were beyond my expectations!

The colors are so beautiful and blend together so nicely.  I could tell they were full from the website, but wow! are they full!   The tutus have  a nice, wide elastic waist band that doesn’t leave marks on my girls’ skin.    And did I mention how full they were?

The sizing is great too.  I ordered a 4-5T for my 4 year old,  2T for my 2 year old, and 12-18 mos.  for my 19 pound 6 month old.   (My two oldest are wearing 4T and 2T clothes and the baby’s wearing 12 month clothes.)   They all fit my girls great right now with plenty of room to grow.  I’m positive they won’t outgrow their tutus for at least a year, probably more.

The best part, of course, is my girls love them!   They don’t want to take them off!  And they look so cute in them.  But, you can see that yourself. :)

These are such great tutus, if you have any little girls in your life, check tutu bug out!  They would be great gifts or great just because.

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  1. Melanie
    Twitter: tutu_bug

    LOVE the pics, Jessica and thank you SO much for the kind words :). Glad the girls love them so much and they look so darned cute wearing their new tutus :).

  2. Lori says:

    Love these! Your girls look so adorable in them!