Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, so I thought I’d write a post about my baby daddy (shocking, I know).

This is Sean’s 4th Father’s Day.  His first Father’s Day, Samantha was a week old.   She didn’t really know he existed then.  She barely knew she existed, and he didn’t have the milk, so I don’t think she thought about him at all.   This Father’s Day, he has three little girls who adore him.

They do adore him.    And not just because he has extremely strong genes  and they all look like him.  (Those of you who say you can see me in the two younger girls, that’s really nice of you to say, but we all know it’s not really true.)

They adore him because he is a great dad.  He plays hide and seek with them, carrying Penny around with him every day that he’s home.  He wrestles with them and chases them until their all screaming and out of breath.  On work days when he comes home, they drop whatever they’re doing and run to the door screaming, “Daddy!  Daddy’s home!”  over and over again.  He lets them jump on him from the couch onto his belly (if he’s lucky and their aim’s not off.)  He reads stories before bedtime and tucks them in at night.  He is ever patient, and takes over when Mommy has had enough.

To be honest, I adore him for those reasons too.  I love watching him play with our girls.  I love that he treats me well and that my girls see that.  I know they’ll grow up knowing how a man is supposed to treat a woman.  I love that he puts up with my extreme, well, bitchiness, when I’m sleep deprived (which has been kind of often lately.)  I really love that he brings home chocolate ice cream all the time even when I tell him not to because I’m trying not to eat so much ice cream.   I love that he supports my writing, even though it doesn’t bring in any money (yet).   He is the stable foundation in our family.  He supports us all, both financially and emotionally.

So, Sean, thank you for being such a great dad and putting up with me, too.  Happy Father’s Day.



P.S.  I pre-apologize for about 12 years from now when you’ll have the raging hormones of 4 women to deal with every month.  Pretty sure chocolate will be effective for the girls too.

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  1. Mama Hen says:

    Great pictures! Have a super day today! :)

    Mama Hen