Green Thursdays: Buy Local

Buying locally produced food has a number of benefits.  Here are four reasons to consider buying local.

1.  Fresher, healthier foods

When you buy local, the food gets from the farm to you faster.  The food is fresh and since produce loses nutrients as it ages, fresher food is healthier food.

2. Support your local economy

Buying local supports the businesses and economy in your own area.  If you’re giving your money to someone, it might as well be a local someone who will put money back in your community through their taxes.   That benefits both you and your local farmer.

3.  Help maintain green areas

Buying local from smaller farms helps maintain those farms, and therefore green areas.  When small farmers can’t make enough money to survive, they sell their land.  Frequently, that land is developed and not maintained as open farmland.

4.  Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Buying local means your food traveled a shorter distance to get to you.    Less fuel being used to truck it across the country or fly it around the world.

So, the next time you’re buying produce, take a peek at where it came from.  Maybe there’s a closer option available.  Better yet, head off to the local farmer’s market or join a CSA and enjoy the fresh summer produce and the beautiful summer weather all at once.

Do you pay attention to where your food is produced?

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4 Responses to “Green Thursdays: Buy Local”

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  1. Sofia's Ideas
    Twitter: SofiasIdeas

    These are all great reasons to eat locally grown produce!

    Our CSA season just ended, our farmer’s markets close by mid-May, so we are now looking into the pick-your-own farms that are closest to our home. They are about 30-45 minutes away, but hopefully still worthwhile!

  2. Jessica Anne says:

    Pick-your-own farms are great too! I’m spoiled in L.A. to have year round farmer’s markets.

  3. Katherine says:

    I love local food. We try to buy local whenever we come. It’s easier here in Iowa than it was in Utah, they just make more food here. Although, I’ll admit it…during a tight budget month, I’ll buy the store brand that costs about half.

  4. BigMamaCass says:

    All FANTASTIC points!! I will keep those in mind while shopping. Thanks :)