The Magic Clock

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We got this clock from One Step Ahead for Samantha and Ella when we moved them into the same room before Penny was born.  It’s supposed to help them learn time.  It has both a clock face and digital display of the time and when they push a button it says the time.  That’s great.  The girls love to push the button and hear the time.

But, the best part is you can set it to glow orange at bedtime and green when it’s time to wake up.  Samantha was over three when we first got it.  So she understood the concept right away and knows to stay in bed until the clock turns green (6:45 am).

We had gotten kind of lax about enforcing the green light because Ella was under a year and a half when we got it.  She didn’t know her colors or understand the idea of the clock telling her when it was time to get up.  So, the last couple months, at least one child has been up by 6 am.  If there were a Facebook page to like having your kid up at 6 am, I would not like that page.  That’s way too early.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to give the green clock a go again with them.  I reminded Samantha of the magic clock and told Ella.  The next morning, Ella wanted to get out of bed at 5:30.  (Who wants to get out of bed at 5:30?)  I went into her room, showed her the clock wasn’t green yet, and she rolled over and went back to sleep!   It has worked ever since.

In fact, she is no longer waking at 5:30 and calling me in.  She’s either sleeping through or looking at the clock herself.  I don’t know.  I don’t really care.  Either way, I have had all three girls asleep until 7 am!  At least!  This morning it was 7:30!

Then, Ella wakes up and comes running to me, “Mommy!  Da clock green!  Me get up now!”

It also turns orange at bedtime.  I hadn’t really ever tried that part out, but the last few weeks Ella has been fighting bedtime like you wouldn’t believe. It was driving me crazy.  So I pointed out the orange clock and told her it meant she had to stay in bed.  And guess what?  It worked!  All 3 kids in bed and not coming out by 8:20 pm.  Sweet!

Definitely a magic clock.  Now, if they also learn to tell time from it, I’ll be truly amazed.

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  1. TornadoTwos says:

    um, wow. That’s all I can say. If this clock can actually get kids to go to bed and stay in bed, it’s an absolutely amazing product. You have me convinced, I’m heading over to check it out now.