Cinderella is Mean

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The girls and I went to a birthday party on Saturday.  It was at the home of the birthday girl.  When we got there (about a half hour late as usual), Cinderella was there.    The girls needed a little encouraging to join in.  Samantha has become very shy in the last few months and Ella initially follows her sister (before going crazy and keeping up with the big kids).

Cinderella was sitting on the ground with the kids around her reading a story.  Sammy and Ella went to sit on one side and I noticed Samantha was inching closer and closer to her until she was touching her gown.  Then Cinderella started making balloon wands.  She started on the opposite side of the semi-circle than my girls.  She started about 11:15.  At noon, they brought out pizza for lunch.    I went to go bring them over for lunch.

Samantha was the last one still waiting for her balloon.  It was clearly her turn.  Instead, Cinderella started making bracelets with a couple other kids who had already gotten their balloons and had wandered back to see if she was doing something else.  I said loudly, “Samantha, are you coming for lunch or are you waiting for Cinderella to make you a balloon?”  She nodded after I said the balloon.  Cinderella apparently didn’t hear.  So I said loudly again, “Why don’t you come eat and I’m sure Cinderella will make you a balloon after lunch.”  She shook her head no.  So I said, loudly again, “I’m sure Cinderella will make you a balloon next.”    Cinderella looked up like she was shocked.  Samantha finally got her balloon.

Now, really, Cinderella, how could you possibly not notice her?  She’s been practically sitting in your lap for the last 45 agonizing minutes while you made the same balloon wand for everyone.    Come on, you’re at a children’s party.  Get a clue.  Not every kid is grabby and pushy.  Frankly, I don’t want my kids to learn that grabby, pushy people get everything while politeness and patience get you jack.  Here’ s a tip:   kids can get very upset and start crying when some wannabe actress wearing a Cinderella costume snubs them.   You don’t want to be the cause of crying at a children’s party when you’re the hired entertainment.  So, be fair and make sure everyone gets a balloon.  Even if they aren’t jumping up and down for one.  It’s called being polite.

After taking two bites of their pizza they went back to the same spot to wait for face painting.  Again, my two were the last two waiting.   They were sitting there, directly in front of her,  and Cinderella closed her facepainting kit and said, “Oh, look at the time, my fairy godmother told me I have to go now .”  No joke.  A two year old and a four year old sitting there waiting and she packed her junk up and left because her 2 hours were up.

So Cinderella, you suck.   It took you 45 minutes to make 10 balloon wands.  It took you over an hour to paint 8 faces, and all you painted was one heart each.    You didn’t even move off your butt for the whole party.  In fact, you hardly even spoke to the kids, you were too busy concentrating on tying the balloons.   You didn’t take pictures with anyone.    And you left two little girls heart broken because they got snubbed by a princess.  The Dora we had Ella’s birthday party was way better.

Not very princess-y Cinderella.  Not at all.

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  1. Mehreen says:

    Too bad Cinderella wasn’t on the best of her manners… humph!

    Dropping by from SITS, a new member :) You have a lovely template :)

  2. AZLB
    Twitter: azlb

    that stinks…really stinks. you would think if you had a job like that you would be more in-tune to the kids!

  3. Leslie
    Twitter: crunchybetty

    Aw, man. This is maddening and saddening and makes me wanna kick every Cinderella I see from now on.

  4. Shawna says:

    That Cinderlla can take her glass slippers and stick where the sun don’t shine!

  5. Emily
    Twitter: getlostwithlynn

    Aww, I’m so sorry your girls were disappointed. That’s just terrible. That Cinderella sounds like she was just wicked – too much time with her stepmother I think!

  6. Diana
    Twitter: knzus

    I never really did care much for Cinderella… geesh, now I know why. Poor girls. Love ’em up and paint ’em up, Mommy. Such fun and girlie time together!

    Still visiting from SITS! (I love your blog, LOL!)

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I never liked her much either. Must be because she’s a little stuck up. We got some fake tattoos when we got home and painted fingernails and Cinderella was forgotten.

  7. Alyna @ Better Your Blog
    Twitter: BetterYourBlog

    Oh how mean of her! I hope you complained to the place that she works for. She doesn’t deserve that job if she can’t accommodate all the children. I’m sure she knows before she arrives that “X” number of kids will be in attendance so she will have to make that number of balloons and paint that many faces. Really, how long would it have taken her to paint two more hearts? And why on earth wasn’t she MORE fair and start the face painting in the opposite order of doing the balloons so that different kids were first and last. It isn’t rocket science for goodness sakes it is being NICE! Some “princess” she turned out to be. :(