Giveaway Fever

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*Note:  There is no giveaway related to this post.  But, you can check out my current giveaways here.

When I started blogging I was pretty clueless.  I thought it would be a way for me to get a little writing in, nothing too time consuming, maybe help keep my family updated on the girls.  You know, no biggie.  Well, was I just floored when I realized how big this whole blogging thing is.  Who knew? (Besides everyone but me, I mean.)

I started exploring this world, learning about memes, blogfrogs, forums, and vlogging.  Then one day,  I came upon a new discovery.  Giveaways!  People gave things away on their blogs.  For free!  And usually just for adding a comment.  How easy is that?  Plus, I could get more entries by simply adding a button to my blog or following on Twitter or Facebook.  I could do that.  No harm in entering.

Unfortunately, I’m not a very lucky person.  I never win anything.  So, I entered my first giveaway, not really expecting to  win.  And then, I won! My very first giveaway and I won!  The rush!  The free stuff!  I was hooked.

I started entering giveaway after giveaway.  And I kept winning things.  So far I’ve won some cool note pads, a coupon holder from an ETSY shop, and a case of some omega-3 juice for the kids.  I’m still waiting to receive the last two, but who cares, I won!

After all that winning, I started going giveaway crazy.  I entered giveaways for books, makeup, jewelery, clothes, kids stuff, a chance to win 99 nail polishes (I rarely wear nail polish).  It’s become an illness really.  I can’t stop entering.  My Twitter feed is full of essentially spam because I’ll follow anyone on Twitter just for a chance to win free stuff.  I have an abundance of buttons on my side bar because when I really want something, I’ll add a button (it’s usually worth multiple entries!).

I’ve even developed an informal system where I determine exactly what I’m willing to do for the prize.  I’ll do the mandatory entry always and pretty much always follow on Twitter.   If you tell me what to Tweet, I’ll do it, but I won’t make up my own.  Google Friends Connect is next on my hierarchy, but I won’t always follow unless it’s mandatory.  My reader is full enough.  To grab your button, it needs to be pretty good.  I have never yet liked someone on Facebook as an entry.  Sorry, to me Facebook is my home and I’m not just letting a bunch of random strangers into my home.  Blog about it, haven’t done it yet.  I’ve considered it twice.  It’s not out of the realm of possibilities, but it’s got to be a fantastic prize and get me more than one entry.

But now, I’m starting to see the problems.   I’ve been entering just to enter.  I mean, where am I going to put 99 bottles of nail polish?  I’ll take them if I win, free stuff and all, but where am I going to put them?   I hope everyone on my Christmas list likes nail polish.  (Yes, Dad, I mean you too.) The other problem, I can’t keep track of what I’ve entered and when the contest ends.  A lot of these go on for 3-6 weeks and I just forget about them.  Maybe I should make a spread sheet or something to keep track.

So, I’ve recently started focusing more.  I’ll still enter, but only if it’s button on the blog worthy.  I have my eyes set on a Flirty apron (have you seen these?  Aren’t they cute?)  and some mineral makeup.  Of course, now my problem is I’ve entered to win each multiple times.  I could wind up with more mineral makeup than I could use in a lifetime.  (Dad, hope you like makeup, I think you’re closer to my skin tone than Mom.)

Do you enter giveaways?  What are your button on the blog worthy items?

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  1. Sean says:

    Do you know who that is in the picture? Any clue? Didn’t think so. =P

  2. Rachel says:

    So I know exactly what you’re talking about. My obsession was always with radio contests though… I used to have all the major radio stations on speed dial and would redial and redial and redial until I got through. I won so many concert tickets that I now have issues with actually paying for concerts… and have won cds, food, and tons of other stuff. I love free things. :D

    • Jessica Anne says:

      It must run in the family. Free stuff is the best! Hey, can you let me know if you get an e-mail telling you I replied to this comment? I tried to get it set up and I’m not sure it’s working. Thx.

  3. liz
    Twitter: bellebeandog

    This is really, really funny. It’s like I could “hear” your excitement through the post.

    I love that you have your own system, too, but I know what you mean. A girl’s gotta have standards, right?

    So now I have to know, if you do win the nailpolish, what you do with it all.

    • Jessica Anne says:

      My standards are pretty high, for sure. :) I’m thinking maybe I’ll save the nail polishes and do a 1 yr blogoversary nail polish giveaway bonanza. Every one gets one bottle. :)

  4. Leslie
    Twitter: crunchybetty

    Y’know, I really don’t get into giveaways much (but I sure could use some mineral makeup … ahem). It seems really time-consuming to me. And, really, I kind of feel like they take up time that I could be doing something else. I’ve thought about running one on my blog, but I think I should feel excited about participating in one first.

    Maybe all it would take is one win …

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I get that. They can be time consuming. I’ve learned the fine art of cut and paste to speed up the entry process. And if there’s captcha involved, I skip it. You’re on my short list if I wind up with a windfall of mineral makeup. :)

  5. Mama Hen says:

    That is great that you have won so many things! It is such a fun feeling to win! You are right about entering the world of blogging and then seeing that there is so much that is in this world! I hope you win that apron! :)

    Mama Hen


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