Green Thursdays: The Ionator

It sounds like a superhero:  The Ionator!  It’s really a new cool greencleaning device I have been trying out for about a month now.  The ionator HOM, by Activion is a green cleaning device that uses just plain tap water.  It works by creating a small charge in the water particles that cleans and kills germs.

It looks like a big spray bottle.  You fill the canister with water, snap it in place, and push the button.   It runs off a rechargeable battery.  You plug it into the wall when it needs to be charged, like a cell phone.  For me, the charge lasted over a week.  According to the directions, you need to spray for at least six seconds for it to work.    Six seconds is a long time, but I made sure I did every time.  The bottle sprays continuously while the button is being pushed and it sprays a pretty heavy coating of water over the surface being sprayed.   Since it uses only water, it is a super green cleaning machine.  No chemicals needed.

When I first got it, I decided I would use it alone to clean my house.  I did not use it to dust or wash my hardwood floors because it sprays too much water and I was worried it would ruin the wood.   The first time I cleaned with it, I was impressed!  It seemed to clean very well.  I used it on my glass kitchen table after the girls had eaten.  It was able to clean up all the smeared on food and leave the table streak free.

I cleaned my bathroom with it.   It worked really well on my mirrors, no streaks at all.  And I was impressed with how well it cleaned my counters and the outside of my toilet.  When I ran my hand over them after cleaning, the thing that struck me the most was not only did it feel clean, it was squeaky clean.  No residue at all on my hand.  Even my usual green cleaners leave a residue.

My shower, however, was another story.  I have a bad mildew problem in my shower.  I hate having to use bleach to kill it, but I hate even more having the grout in my shower black from mildew.  I used the ionator and was able to remove the mildew with a towel.  However, it was back with in full force the next day.  When I use bleach once a week I don’t see the mildew until a day or two before I ‘m due to clean.  By the end of the first week, my shower was really disgusting and I went back to bleaching it.

I never did use it to clean the inside of my toilet bowls.    I just can’t get over not using something to clean those.

I was really pleased with it in the kitchen.  I was using it multiple times a day to clean my counters and table and it seemed to be keeping it clean.  I had been using a lot of Clorox wipes, and I really prefer not using those, especially where I prepare food.    However, at the end of the second week I looked at the grout on my kitchen counters (I have a tiled countertop, it’s horrible) and it was dingy and brown.  I used lemon water to clean it and it cleaned right up.

I really liked it to clean my high chair with.  I always hated using anything to clean the high chair and the Ionator really seems to work well for that purpose.  I also really like it to clean toys.  My kids’ toys wind up in someone’s mouth all the time and it was nice knowing only water touched them.

After two weeks of using it, I felt I needed to go back to my weekly use of green or homemade cleaners.  Overall, I liked it for day to day cleaning of the kitchen.  I plan on continuing to use it there as well as to clean my mirrors.  I really noticed and liked the lack of residue in my house.   I hadn’t really noticed it before, but it’s nice not having cleaning residues around my house, especially with small children who put everything in their mouths.

But, it just doesn’t keep my tiled counters in the bathrooms and kitchen clean enough for me.    My homemade cleaners with vinegar and water just seem to do a better job for my main cleaning.  I certainly don’t know if the germs are killed using either method since I don’t culture my house to find out.  But, my homemade cleaners appear to work better.  It’s also a little pricey, running around $180.  If it could completely replace all my cleaning supplies, it would definitely be worth it, but I’m not sure using homemade cleaners isn’t just as green and less expensive.

It would be great if you were adamant about not using any chemicals at all in your home or if you had a sensitivity to cleaners.

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  1. Alyna @ Better Your Blog
    Twitter: BetterYourBlog

    This reminds me of the steam cleaners that I think I would love to own…imagine piping hot steam sterilizing every surface in your home and not needing chemicals anymore?

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I know! I would love not to use anything but water. I don’t even need it sterilized, just clean looking. My kids lick things too much. If it looks clean I feel better.

  2. Thanks a bunch for stopping by from SITS. Returning the favor. Sounds like a really interesting gadget. I’ll need to research it a bit more.