A Little Crunchy Betty Love

I have a serious bloggy crush going on these days.  Leslie over at Crunchy Betty is just my new favorite person ever!  Crunchy Betty is both fun and informative that I can’t help crushing a little.    She’s got me doing crazy things (you know how you do crazy things for crushes).  I’ve given my face a microdermabrasion with baking soda (so good).  And, I’m washing my face with oil now.  (You have to try it, it’s amazing!  Seriously.) You should really check her blog out.

I’ve become a little conscious of the things I put on my skin lately.  I’ve been trying to put only natural products on my skin.  Then, lo and behold, along comes Leslie to save the day.  Kind of a superhero really.  She has all sorts of recipes for homemade skin and hair care products, she tweets Quick Tips throughout the day, and she encourages you to put food on your face.  I have three small children, so I always have food on my face (or my shirt, my pants…).  Now I find out it’s good for me.  (That’s right girls, throw oatmeal at me, I love it!)  Easy to understand how my crush came to be.

So, she’s asked for some pictures for her blog of people with food on their face.  And of course, I had to do it.  First, there’s a giveaway involved and we all know my obsession with giveaways.  Second, and more important, to take my crush to the next level I feel the need to publicly embarrass myself for her.  There are not many pictures of me up on this blog, and I’m choosing to add some of me covered in food.

Even better, because I’m a mom, I like to teach my girls about being natural and taking care of their skin.  So we had a little spa day over here.  I think adding kids into the mix just ups the weird crush factor.  Now, I feel like I’m cheating on Leslie a little bit here, because I used someone else’s recipe.  I know, I know, it’s terrible.   But I had all the ingredients ready to go and I bought way too much heavy cream for ice cream making and my husband’s been giving me a hard time about it,  so I went with this chocolate mask I found at the  Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Here’s the recipe:

Chocolate Facial Mask

This decadent mask is actually an excellent moisturizer – it leaves your skin baby soft. Recommended for normal skin.

1/3 cup cocoa
3 tablespoons heavy cream
2 teaspoons cottage cheese
¼ cup honey
3 teaspoons oatmeal powder

Mix all ingredients together and smooth onto face. Relax for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Source

Yummy.  I told my girls it didn’t taste good because I didn’t want them to eat it.  I lied.  It’s really good.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures.

First, it’s important to make sure your hair is out of your face.


Then smear it all over your face.

No, I didn't actually put it on Penny


Oh yeah, I have taken this crush to a whole new level of creepy.   But you should still check out Crunchy Betty.  Tell her I sent you.  Or maybe not, depending on if she takes out a restraining order on me.

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  1. Leslie
    Twitter: crunchybetty

    Wait! I just looked at that recipe closer, and it calls for oatmeal powder. You made oatmeal powder? You really did? YAY!

    It’s not stalking if the one you creep stalks you back.

    Ugh. So much love. It hurts.

  2. Love it! What great pictures.

    I’m really enjoying her website too :)

  3. Sofia's Ideas
    Twitter: SofiasIdeas

    I think this is great! I love that you are teaching your girls from such a young age! And its funny that you should mention the oil method because I just went to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up the oils I needed to get started. I’ve been hesitant to try this but I figured if I’m using baking soda under my arms and coffee on my face, why not, right? I hope you’ll keep us updated with how the oil method works for you! I start today! :)

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I’m really enjoying the oil! It’s only been a week, but it really works and my skin looks better. What are you using?

      • Sofia's Ideas
        Twitter: SofiasIdeas

        I picked up the castor oil and organic (whole foods brand) sunflower seed oil. I still haven’t done it. I’m a bit scared! :)
        I was planning on doing 30% castor 70% sunflower? What about you?

  4. Amy says:

    Oooo, that sounds fabulous! The girls look like they had tons of fun with it (as did you lol).

  5. Casey
    Twitter: MaritimeMom

    This sounds great!! Not sure if i can keep my 3 year old from eating though. LOL!

  6. I’m crushing on Leslie too!
    You & your daughters look adorable!

  7. Gina says:

    I have had fun with the mocha coffee mask. I’m still cleaning the coffee grounds out of my shower though….!


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