Loud Sammy

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My oldest daughter is loud.

She’s loud like a 4 year old is loud.  She talks incessantly, about nothing, and it takes 10 minutes for her to say nothing.  When she doesn’t have anything to actually say she makes up words, jebooalop, shmoocaruck, flimdun, and tells me what they mean in Chinese (note to self, too much Ni Hao, Kailan)  When she’s not becoming fluent in Chinese, she hums.  Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.  She particularly likes to hum while using the potty.  I consider all of that normal 4 year old loudness.  (Well, maybe not making up Chinese words, but in general.)

Sammy is loud in another way.  Her voice carries.  It’s just loud and she is unable to keep it at a manageable level.  It pierces through the air in our little house.  She wakes the baby regularly.  I can hear what she’s saying when I’m in the kitchen and she’s in her room on the other side of the house with the door closed trying to play privately.  She’s one of those people who could be in a busy restaurant and you would be able to hear their voice more clearly than the person sitting directly across from her.

I don’t know where she gets it from.  Sean and I are both quiet people.  We’re both asked to repeat ourselves frequently.  People just can’t hear us.  As someone who enjoys quiet, a lot, it’s like nails on a chalk board.  I cringe and subconsciously raise my shoulders to my ears when she starts talking.    I’m constantly shushing her and telling her to keep her voice down.

I’m hoping she outgrows it and learns to modulate her voice a little.  Otherwise, she’ll have to be a stage actress.  She can project.

In other news, Mama Hen over at Mama’s Little Chick has awarded my this lovely Blogger Buddy Award.  Isn’t it nice?  If you haven’t visited Mama Hen, you really should.  She is about the sweetest person ever!  And her daughter (who is just about to turn 4) is so cute!

I’m not sure the exact rules of this award, so I’m just going to pass it on to a few people I haven’t awarded before.  I’m a little sleepy, so I’m just going to do a few:  Crunchy Betty, The Adventures of LoveBugs,  and The Momma Nerd.

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  1. Sofia's Ideas
    Twitter: SofiasIdeas

    Awh, poor thing. I feel for her! “Zany”, our 11 year old is this way too. We spent many years telling her “Sweetie, volume control.” She manages to lower her volume for a few minutes, but it inevitably gets louder again. :) Now she takes musical theatre! Its perfect! :)

  2. Daenel
    Twitter: DaenelT

    Hahahaha I used to say that about my daughter ~ She has the uncanny ability to talk incessantly about absolutely nothing. She is now 16 and still carries on about nothing. And she’s loud. LOL On the positive side, she’s not shy and often performs on stage. So, yes, you may have a budding performer on your hands.

  3. Mama Hen says:

    Thank you for your kind words! Little Chick is a talker also! She likes to talk and talk and talk! She is OK at adjusting the volume when we are out, but at times she can be loud too. They really are just so cute! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  4. Melissa (@adventuroo)
    Twitter: adventuroo

    That’s too funny. Big Roo talks CONSTANTLY and he’s in the dreaded WHY phase. I’m sure I should be grateful his verbal skills are so acute but WOW he can really talk my ear off!

  5. Lynn
    Twitter: getlostwithlynn

    I’m pretty quiet too, so I can see how having a loud child would be a little hard on your nerves! For your sake, I hope she grows out of it too.

    I also wanted to let you know I’m giving you another award! Come stop by my blog to see it: http://lostandholdinghands.blogspot.com/2010/07/this-black-and-blue-is-not-sexy.html

  6. MultipleMum says:

    I have the same problem with my son (who is 3.5 years). It is so annoying because the constant talking (especially at the volume he uses) does my head in. I am constantly teaching him about ‘inside’ voice and asking him not to ‘yell at me’. It helps for a little bit, but then he just goes back to boomer voice. I too really hope he grows out of it, otherwise I think I’ll end up with tinnitus!

  7. you have a lovely blog. visiting you here today and follow you via gc.

  8. Rachel says:

    Maybe she gets it from me. I’m an awesome projector. Old people can always hear me, and I prefer to not use microphones as they throw me off… then I’m too loud :P