It’s Friday and time for the Red Writing Hood meme.  This week’s prompt was to write a first-person piece about either eating your favorite food or taking a shower – without using a personal pronoun.  Hmm, all right.

Water bounces off the bright red strawberries lying in the stainless steel colander.  Their sweet aroma wafts up, too tempting to wait for dessert.  Picking up the bumpy fruit by its leafy handle and biting down, the overripe fruit bursts.  The sweetness satisfies eager taste buds.  Juice dribbles onto the white t-shirt.  Sigh.

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  1. Anisha
    Twitter: momof4gyrlz

    Oohhhh, I liked that, it made me want strawberries now! Dang it, now I’m craving strawberries……

  2. Veronica
    Twitter: mayangelstar

    One of my fave fruits :) When I was little I told everyone I sucked my thumb because it tasted like strawberries lol.

    Oh and my Snapple lid told me yesterday that One strawberry has over 200 seeds!

    Good job :)

  3. Ratz says:

    Oh i like this… strawberries are good but the juice… well…. sigh!! Great work… brought a smile to my face

  4. Cheryl @ Mommypants
    Twitter: mommy_pants

    Perfect! Short and sweet – literally!

  5. Corinne
    Twitter: crnnoel

    That was so good :) Love how much you packed into just a few sentences.

  6. Ash
    Twitter: AshatShades

    I love how these are sounding more and more like poetry – yours especially. Delicious!

  7. Ashley
    Twitter: AKnLAbird

    Mmmmm….strawberries. Yum!

  8. Nancy C
    Twitter: AwayWeGoNancy

    Bursts is the perfect verb! That’s exactly what a good strawberry does! Well done.

  9. Kristy says:

    Love it. Description can be hard because if it is too dense it is hard to read. But this read well. And the sigh? So cool, because you wonder if the sigh is because they love the strawberry and don’t care if there’s a stain, or if the sigh is because they’re frustrated by another stain.

  10. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I am so thankful that I am having strawberries for breakfast otherwise I would be feeling very deprived! Good job.

    • Jessica Anne says:

      Thanks! They don’t last long in this house. I rarely get any before the girls have finished them, no matter how many I buy. Hope yours were nice and sweet!

  11. Missy
    Twitter: MS_WonderFriend

    So well done! I am headed to the fridge for strawberries now!