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Sean has been cracking me up lately.  I thought I’d share a few of our conversations, and for fun, add some drawings.  By the way, I suck at drawing.  I guess you can judge that yourself, though.

The Bed Situation

We went to be the other night and Sean got way over on his side of the bed, almost falling off the bed, with his leg on the dog crate next to the bed.

Me:  You don’t have to sleep that far over.

Sean:  I’m used to it.  When I come to bed usually you’re way over on my side.  That’s why I like the dog crate here so I can lay on it a little.

Here’s my rendition of the sleeping arrangement.  Ignore the little dot.  I’m not good at this computer drawing thing and I couldn’t get rid of it.  Also, sorry about the small words.  You may want a magnifying glass.

Me: Well, you make up for it.  Whenever I get up to feed Penny, I come back and you’re on my pillow.

Sean:  That’s cuz I get up with her.

Me: And you make it all the way over to my pillow.

Sean: Well, by the time I start to get up, you’re already up so I just go back to sleep.

And here’s the artist’s rendition of the bed situation.  Notice I made the words bigger.  You’re welcome.

The Vegetarian Situation

We’ve been eating vegetarian five days a week for about 2 1/2 months now.  And by that I mean I’ve been cooking vegetarian five days a week and Sean has no other choice.  Well, except cook himself.  Ha Ha Ha!   A little background, on Fridays it’s easy night for me.  I give the girls boxed mac-n-cheese or something equally easy to make, I have a Kashi frozen dinner, and Sean can get himself whatever he wants.  This week, he got meatballs from Trader Joe’s.

Me:  How are you liking the vegetarian thing?  Is it okay?

Sean:  (shrugs) Well, it’s fine.  Except sometimes it makes me want to eat like 40 little meatballs all at once.

This is his dinner plate:

The Sheet Situation

The other night my mom was staying with us overnight before she flew to Minnesota since we live very close to the airport.  We were getting the girls ready for bed.  Sean finished bathing Penny, who was screaming because she was tired and hungry.  I was in the hall getting a set of sheets to put on the pull-out couch for my mom.  Sean came and handed me Penny and I handed him the sheets.  After feeding Penny, I looked and saw my mom’s bed still not made.

Me:  Where are the sheets I gave you?

Sean:  I put them on our bed.

I went to look in our room and didn’t see the sheets.

Me:  Where are they?

Sean: On the bed.  I changed the sheets.

Me: (laughing) You changed the sheets?  Those were for Mom’s bed.  Why would you do that?

Sean:  You were doing laundry, so I thought you were going to wash the sheets.

Me:  It’s Tuesday.  Every Tuesday I wash our clothes.  Have I ever washed sheets on Tuesday?

Sean:  Well, how was I supposed to know?

Me: (shaking my head and heading to get more sheets.)

Sean:  Well, I’ll never do that again.

Me:  You’ll never do what again?  Change the sheets?

Sean: Exactly.

My depiction of our bed, the first, and only, time Sean ever made it.  And a mediocre job he did.  We don’t have polka dots on our bed, but flowers were too hard to draw.   So pretend they’re flowers.

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  1. Corinne
    Twitter: crnnoel

    My husband feels THE SAME way about our newly vegetarian household :) Too funny!

  2. Sean says:

    Jessica left out the most important funny conversation.
    Jessica: You have been funny lately.
    Me: What do you mean?
    Jessica: You have been saying these funny things lately (see above).
    Me: I’m always funny, you just never pay attention to me anymore. When I come home, you go play on your computer and don’t hear or respond to me being funny. =)
    Btw, this post was very funny.

  3. Sherri says:

    He might start asking for a guest posting spot on your blog! I love your drawings, they really add to the funny stories. My hubs wouldn’t make it through more than 2 or 3 days of vegetarianism (is that a word?) before he would be munching on some dead cow.

  4. Melissa {adventuroo}
    Twitter: adventuroo

    I’m a sucker for stick figures! Love the stories– I also find it hilarious that your hubby added a new one in the comments. Awesome!

  5. Jessica Anne says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed drawing the stick figures. He had to get his story in since I made him out to be a bit of a doofus. :)

  6. Natalie
    Twitter: mommyofamonster

    Okay, that’s hilarious! And my hubby is the same way (or was) when I got up to feed in the middle of the night.

    Thanks for linking up to Word Up, Yo!

  7. Aging Mommy says:

    That is just hilarious that he changed the sheets on your bed! My husband would do the exact same thing unless given exact and very specific instructions as to what to do with any sheets he was handed. Love the illustrations and by the way I have absolutely no idea how you managed to do that but it is very effective!

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I thought he was just going to set them down somewhere. It’s so funny he even did anything with them. I used GIMP to do them. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but it seems to have worked. Now to just develop a steadier hand.

  8. KLZ
    Twitter: TamingInsanity

    Great. Now I want some pretend flower sheets. Know where I can get some?

  9. Diana
    Twitter: knzus

    ROTFL!! I reeeeeeeally laughed over this… “the continuing saga of Jessica and Sean”

    More! More!

    And more drawings! LOL!

    You two are cute :D ♥