Green Thursdays: Stuff I Love Right Now

For today’s green living post, I thought I’d show you some of the green products I’m loving right now.

1. 100% Pure

I like to make my own skin care products, but I don’t make everything.  This company makes their products out of natural ingredients so I’m not putting yucky stuff on my skin.  I love reading the ingredients because I know what they all are.  Their products are generally organic and all natural.  They make an organic lavender sea therapy bath salt that is fantastic.  It was given to me as a Christmas gift last year and I fell in love with it.   It’s detoxifying and it definitely helps when I’m feeling bloated.  It’s so fragrant and relaxing.

I love their organic acai berry antioxidant facial cream. It’s rich and creamy, but not heavy or greasy, and it smells delicious.  Plus, it’s all natural plant derived.

When I was on their site I noticed their fruit pigmented cosmetics.  How genius is that?  Using fruit as pigments!  I haven’t tried them yet, but I plan to very soon.   I’ll let you know the results.

2. EO Products

Another skin care company that produces natural products.  They use essential oils in their products so they smell delicious.  I’m using their body wash right now.  It’s lovely and very invigorating in the morning.

3. Vinegar

I don’t know what I would do without vinegar.  It’s my go-to for cleaning.  I use it to clean windows, mirrors, my kitchen, my wood floors, and my bathrooms.  I have used it in my dishwasher instead of Jet Dry.  It can be used as a fabric softener in the washing machine or to strip cloth diapers for better absorbancy.  It works as an air freshener.  It’s just so versatile and no nasty chemicals.  Just vinegar.  I don’t have to worry about my kids getting into it at all.  Even if they ingested some, the worst that would happen is a sour face.

4. Borax

My other new cleaning love.   Borax is a naturally derived mineral harvested from the ground.   I mix it with vinegar and castille soap as  an all purpose cleaner for my bathrooms and kitchen.  I use it to clean my toilets and wash my linoleum floors.  I have put it in my dishwasher to help with spots.  It can also be used on laundry to help remove stains and boost the effectiveness of laundry detergent.   Now, while borax is naturally derived and ecofriendly, it is also caustic.  Wear gloves when you’re using it and do not let your kids play with it.  No bueno.  Especially not in the eyes.

5. Reusable Bags

I love reusable bags.  I bring them to the grocery store, the library, the Farmer’s market, Target.  I use them on vacations, to bring things to people.  I use them all the time.  They’re great and I’m reducing my plastic bag use.

6. Biodegradable Doggie bags

We have a dog and a tortoise that poop on our yard and on walks (the dog, not the tortoise).  I use biodegradable bags to pick it up in.  Think about it.  In five hundred years when we’ve destroyed the planet and aliens are going through our landfills like an archeological dig.  Do we really want them digging up steaming plastic bags of poop?   We assume the ancient Egyptians preserved things they valued.  What would preserved bags of dog poo say about us?  Think about it.  Plus, there’s a website called  (All the good blog domains are always taken.)

Clearly this is not an all inclusive list by any means.  However, those are some of the green products I use.  What green products can you not live without?

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I have many microfiber cleaning cloths that I love. I don’t use anything cleaners in the bathroom or windows. I have a mop too but I don’t get around to using it as much as I’d like…

    • Jessica Anne says:

      Ack! I forgot about my microfiber cloths! I use them a lot for my mirrors and the kitchen, although I still use a cleaner once a week. We have a lot of poop around here with the potty training.

  2. vitamama
    Twitter: vitamamablog

    I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the EO products. They are just so friggin yummy. So, I just discovered your blog and think it’s great. I’ve added you to my sidebar at

  3. Kristy says:

    Ooh, I would like that EO body wash too!

  4. Leslie @ crunchybetty
    Twitter: crunchybetty

    Of course, I LOVE this list. I’m gonna have to check out the fruit-pigmented cosmetics ASAP. It does, indeed, sound genius.

    I have a couple of those reusable bags that bunch up into themselves and then have a drawstring so you can make ’em really small, y’know? But only one fits in my purse at a time. How do you remember to take your reusable bags everywhere? That’s my issue. Other than the one that lives in my purse, I ALWAYS forget.

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I ordered some of the cosmetics. I keep checking for my package…

      I keep my bags in my car. That way they’re with me all the time. There’s a little cubby in our truck where I stick them if I remember, otherwise they’re just loose and they’re in the trunk of our smaller car. That way I never forget them.