Sam and Ella had picture day at preschool yesterday.  They were even able to take some pictures together.  I’m really excited to see them.

Every year, it makes me realize how terrible I am about pictures.  We take pictures, but I never print any out.    It’s one of those things I just don’t make time to do.  The baby books are woefully behind (I haven’t put any new pictures in them since Halloween 2008.)  My house has pictures up, but most are of Sammy when she was a baby.  I have only one of Penny.

The preschool does pictures twice a year.  It’s easy to order, so I have a few recent pictures of Sammy.  Now I’ll be able to add Ella.  Still, none of Penny and none of them together.  Grandparents want pictures, aunts want pictures, and I have none.

When I look around at all the pictures of Sammy, my mom guilt kicks in.  If you looked at my house, you would think I have only one child, or you would think I didn’t love the others as much.  Of course, it’s not true.  I just have other things to do, and a list of things I keep putting off that are more pressing than downloading pictures to CostCo.

Of course, there is only one thing to blame.  Digital cameras.  I download all my pictures onto my computer, but I don’t take time to upload them, have them printed, and go pick them up.  This would never have happened if I had good old film.   I couldn’t see the pictures without developing the film so, although it may have taken a few months to make the trip to develop them, I would eventually do it.

I also don’t go anywhere to get their pictures taken.  My mom used to take us to JC Penny or Sears and we’d stand in front of those horrible backdrops in our Sunday clothes, smiling at the photographer making a fool of himself with puppets and silly hats.   I took Sam and Ella once about two years ago.  They turned out pretty nice actually.  And it was easy.  Wait about an hour for them to upload the pictures and viola! order away, pick up two weeks later.

I may have to start doing that if I want any of Penny and the three of them together.  Getting all three of them somewhere, in a good mood, and well groomed, well, let’s be realistic, probably isn’t going to happen.  But, I’d have pictures.

Do you have pictures of all your kids up?  Are you good about printing them out?  Do you use JC Penny’s or other photography places and do you like them?  Do you think anyone would notice if I just put some baby pictures of Sammy up and said they were Penny?  They look pretty similar.

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  1. Missy
    Twitter: aytgim

    This is funny because i just got my 3 kids’ pictures done at JCPenny about a month ago. I have gotten there pictures done a few times, but have never hung them on the wall.
    This time I went and got some nice frames and finally hung them up. They are beautiful. I need to do it more often.

  2. Leslie
    Twitter: crunchybetty

    You need to have my mom.

    She makes me kinda sick sometimes, with the way she is ALWAYS not just taking pictures, but ordering them from Walgreens or printing them out herself. But that’s not all! She has picture books made every couple of months.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong – it’s REALLY nice to still have someone who’ll do all of it. And she’s retired, so she has an excuse as to why she has this much time.

    I guess, really, I’d just like to farm her out to you, so you can take advantage, too.

    Because I’m exactly like you – all my pictures live on my computer. And nowhere else.

  3. AZLB
    Twitter: azlb

    I never print …which is why I have to get photos taken every year.. I pay a ton but that is the only family photos I have around the house.

  4. Aging Mommy says:

    I was very diligent about printing photos and changing out old for new in the frames around the house until this year. I’ve not got any photos printed since January and my husband brought home frames from work to put more recent pictures into and they are lying in a drawer still. However, I do now think in some ways it’s not a bad thing – I used to print and put into albums every single photo and there are so many albums sitting in a closet never viewed. So I plan on getting photos printed soon but will go back through everything on the computer and pick out the best photos and just create one album of prints from this year when I get the calendars done.

    Where we are terrible is that we have no photos of the three of us together, my husband, daughter and I. She needs a family photo for preschool and I do not have a 2010 photo to give her teacher.

  5. Florida Girl Meets the Midwest
    Twitter: flgirlmidwest

    I am also blaming digital cameras. I recently broke down and starting printing out my digitals to photo books. So far I have only made it to 2004. It is an ongoing project.