Hyperbole and I

I really enjoy hearing my girls’ language development.  I find the way children acquire language fascinating.  It’s really amazing how they learn vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar.  Right now both Samantha and Ella are in new phases.

Samantha has discovered hyperbole.

“But, Mom, it’s going to take 100 years to clean this room!”  (It usually only takes 99 years.)

“I’m not going to be your friend for 100 year!”

“Marco is taking me to Italy and I won’t be back for 20 years!”

(She also likes the number 100.  Marco is a boy in her class.  I’m not sure where she learned about Italy and why Marco is taking her.  I’m just wondering if she’ll pack me in her luggage.)

Ella is learning there are rules regarding the use of  me and I.  She gave up using me only and started using I appropriately a few months ago.  She is just now, however, realizing that there are times to use I and times to use me.  So she has started correcting herself and using I inappropriately.

“Can you give that to I?”,  ” Come with I, Daddy,” and other such sentences come out of her mouth frequently.

She usually pauses and thinks about it before she says it, then chooses I and is clearly pleased with her mastery of the English language.

Penny is still non-verbal (she is only 10 1/2 months), but she has learned a few signs.  It won’t be long before I get to hear her language skills develop too.

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  1. Jaded16 says:

    That was adorable. Till I was 5 I used to say “we” for “me” for some reason. Things got awkward when I said to a total stranger once that “We go to the washroom” when she asked what did my mum and I do together.

  2. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I love listening to kids learning to speak. I’m guilty of encouraging their little errors by repeating them. I can’t help it.

  3. Kimberli says:

    I do the error repeat too. Hehe. Your girls sound adorable. My favorite is when their writing skills start to develop. We used to have a lot of fun at my youngest sisters expense when she was in second grade. I can’t even write what she wrote here because it ended up looking dirty… but she didn’t mean it that way at all!