A Visit to the Doctor

Samantha was sent home from school twice the week before Halloween for being sick.  The first day, she was coughing a lot which led the teacher to take her temperature and she had a 100 degree temp.  I wasn’t too surprised.  The day before Ella had the same fever.  It lasted 4 hours and then went away.  She was a cranky beast during that four hours, but after, like nothing happened.   I hoped Samantha would be the same, and sure enough, when I got her home and took her temperature, it was normal.  She ran around and played and acted normal the rest of the day.

I considered keeping her home from school the next day, but it was their Halloween parties and Sammy had pictures for her dance class that day too.  Since she was acting fine, no fever, I sent her to school.  A couple hours later, I got a call she was acting sick, not playing and just sitting in one of the teacher’s laps.  I should pick her up.  So I did, after making an appointment with the pediatrician for later that afternoon.

She had been coughing off and on for a while.  It comes and goes.  Sometimes it’s there for a day or two, sometimes it’s just an episode one day then gone for a few days.  But it comes back.  She also uses coughing as a way of getting out of doing things.  Time to pick up her toys.  Oh, nope, can’t, coughing fit.  (I’m on to her.)  She also does it when she’s stressed about something, like a little anxiety attack.  (Keeping an eye on that one.)  Sammy’s go-to illness is a cough.  So, after talking to the doctor, he thought it was possible she has some allergies that are making her cough off and on.  Makes sense.  We’re just going to monitor it for now.

However, while I was there with the three girls by myself, talking with the doctor, Samantha and Ella were up to no good.  I’m trying to talk to the doctor.  I can see the girls behind him, his back is to them.  Samantha lays down on the ground and Ella knee drops on her back.  This starts giggling from Samantha.  So, Ella, who can’t get enough laughs, does it again, and again, and again.  They begin squealing and laughing hysterically.  I’m trying to ignore them and pull chalk out of Penny’s mouth.

They get so loud, the doctor can’t hear, so he turns around, just as Ella lands on Sammy.  He starts cracking up.

“At least they’re laughing,” he says.

Yep, until they’re not.  I can’t take them anywhere.

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