When Life Hands You Cake Crumbs…

…make cake balls and dip them in chocolate.

So, Penny had her first birthday on Saturday.  We had her birthday party a week early with friends, but we wanted to celebrate on her actual birthday, too.    I decided to make a cake for her.  Since I’m vegan now, I decided to make a vegan chocolate cake.   There’s a part on the recipe that says if your cake breaks into pieces, just use frosting to put it back together.  I should have taken that as a warning.

I’m more a cookie person.  I can make cookies.  Give me a recipe, and I’ll make it.  I never burn them.  They always turn out.  Cakes, not so much.  I have issues getting them out of the pan.  They break.  And I’m not  good with frosting.  But, this recipe had tips about the frosting part, so I thought I could actually do it.  Wrong.  My cake broke into a bajillion pieces.  Yep, an actual bajillion.  But wait, you say, it makes two cakes so you can be all fancy with the layers.  Surely, I could get one half out.  Nope.  Two bajillion pieces.

Since it was just for our family, I didn’t freak out.  I thought, I could just pile it in a bowl and everyone would be fine.  It tasted good.  (It really tastes good.)  But then I thought, maybe there was a way to salvage it.  So I asked on Facebook.  (By the way, you can like me on Facebook if you want.)

My aunt suggested a trifle.  Basically, chunks of cake layered with fruit and whipped cream.

Yum.  Definitely a contender and prettier than a bunch of crumbs in a bowl.  Problem being, the whipped cream.  That would be not vegan.  I have a vegan creme de la creme recipe, but it involves nuts, so no go for the one year old.  I was going to sacrifice and make the trifle for everyone else and just have crumbs in a bowl for myself.  (I mean, come on, I baked it, I should get to eat some of it.)

But, then my cousin, sent me this link for cake balls.  Yes, people, cake balls.  Basically, you take a crumbled up cake, mix it with frosting, form it into balls, freeze the balls, then roll them in chocolate and decorate them.  Um, yum.  And, because I’m so efficient, I already had the cake crumbs.

I started with this pile of mess.

pile of mess

Ground it up a little finer with my hand mixer.

fine cake crumbs

Melted some vegan chocolate chips in a double boiler and mixed it into the cake.  This cake is super moist, so I think it would have stuck together without the chocolate chips, but why take the risk?

crumbs and melted chocolate chips

Then refrigerate the mix for a couple hours.  Form the balls and freeze for at least six hours.  I did overnight.  A melon baller or ice cream scoop would have given me rounder, prettier looking balls, but I like to use my hands.

cake balls

The next day, I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the double boiler.  Then rolled the frozen balls in the melted chocolate.  Set them on some waxed paper to harden and viola!  Cake balls!   Sprinkles need to be applied immediately before the chocolate dries.    You can use gel frosting too.  Regular frosting won’t stick.  The recipe link above uses almond bark as the shell.

decorated cake balls

You can enlist some help with that one if you want (or not).

you can tell how helpful she was

These were delicious.  They tasted like a double chocolate brownie.  They were moist with a crunchy shell.  The hubby thought they were too chocolate-y.  Please.  No such thing.  But they were very chocolate-y.  They were the perfect size for the kids.

hand held for your convenience

And they were enjoyed by all.

"Mmm, a very happy birthday, indeed."

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  1. AZLB
    Twitter: azlb

    just perfect…way to turn lemons into lemonade!

  2. Ericka @ Creative Liar
    Twitter: erickaclay

    I love me some vegan recipes and you’re right – nothing can ever be too chocolatey!

  3. Sofia's Ideas
    Twitter: SofiasIdeas

    Cake balls! Love it! :)
    I would have dumped it all in a bowl and gave everyone a fork, and called it a day! LOL!

  4. Rachel says:

    Yay! I saved Penny’s birthday! Someday I’ll meet her, and we’ll be looking through photos together and we’ll stop on her first birthday photos. Then I will say “Oh yes, that was my idea! I saved your first birthday cake!” And then Sam will get excited because Penny won’t remember it, but she’ll remember the day that Mommy let her help and make delicious, uber chocolately cake balls for Penny’s birthday. :D


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