My Red Dress

A few months ago I was fortunate to find The Red Dress Club, a wonderful blogging community for women writers.  They have lots of great posts about writing, there’s a place to submit your pieces for critique, and it’s just full of lovely, supportive women who write.  Every week they provide a writing prompt for their Red Writing Hood Meme and an opportunity to link up on Fridays.  I’ve participated in a number of them and am always excited to see what the prompt is for the week.  If you’re a writer, an aspiring writer, enjoy writing, or want to meet some great women, this is a place you want to check out.

Starting on Dec. 23rd and through Jan. 3rd, they’re showing they’re appreciation by featuring a member every day.  Well, today,they’re featuring one of my posts!  Woohoo! (I’m doing a little dance and, of course, I’m wearing my red dress.  You can imagine it if you’d like.  Keep in mind  I can’t dance.)  So head over, check out the other featured ladies, and say hi.  Everyone’s really nice.

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  1. Jaded16 says:

    Oh yay! This is so incredibly nice! So now that you’re a featured lady, what do your future plans entail? Waving the ‘Queen Wave’ to the world really slowly? ;)

    And I loved that story! Keep writing.

  2. Mama Hen says:

    That sounds great! It is wonderful to be able to share ones writing with a nice blogging community! I hope you are having a lovely holiday! Happy New Year!

    Mama Hen