Hairless Wonder


No, not that one.  Although he is a wonder.

I’m talking about Penny.  She’s over a year and she has very little hair still.

the comb over look

When Sean and I were dating, I imagined our beautiful Hapa babies.    A big part of that was beautiful skin color and gorgeous hair.   Sean’s thick hair would combine with my texture to create the perfect head of hair.  Thick, yet soft and manageable.  My children would not be cursed with my fine, limp hair or course Asian hair.  They would have perfect hair.  During one of the last ultrasounds of Samantha, her hair was very visible.  The tech commented how much hair she had and she was right.  She came out with a full head of hair, not bald like my side of the family.  By one, she was wearing pony tails.  She has perfect hair, thick, yet soft and manageable with a little natural wave.

With each subsequent child, Sean’s hair gene has diluted.  Ella didn’t have quite as much hair at birth.  At one, she didn’t have enough hair for ponytails, but I could manage clips.  Her hair is now fine like mine and stick straight like Sean’s.  It’s not perfect hair, but it’s not terrible.

Penny came out almost bald and it hasn’t changed.  Her hair is just starting to think about growing.  Even those baby clips that are supposed to stay in fine baby hair won’t stay in her hair.  I’m afraid she’s inherited my hair completely and will be doomed to limp, flat hair for her whole life.  So, I thought I’d help her out a little.   Extensions are probably going to be her best bet.

Here she is sporting a “natural” colored ‘do.

notice the Farrah wings


Of course, we do live in L.A.  So here she is as a blonde.

Blonde bombshell

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Neither of my kids had much hair before 2. So far they have their dad’s no limp misery for them. I hope.

  2. DaenelT
    Twitter: DaenelT

    All of my kids were born with heads full of hair. We had to clip the girl twin’s hair because it was in her eyes. I was born bald and stayed that way til I was almost 3 yrs old, now if I let my hair grow I look like Cousin It.