Help me Win a Contest!

So, I had a post all ready to go for today, but I’m changing it up a bit.  I’m having a very exciting Wednesday.  I’m doing a lot of squeeing and I don’t squee often.


First, I’m the featured blogger at The Red Dress Club today!! Squee!  In case you have forgotten, it’s the fantastic group that puts out the writing prompts that I use for the fiction I post here.  I’m so excited to be their featured blogger today!   Head over and check out my interview and you can find out what kind of animal I think my husband is.


Second, I found out I’m a semi-finalist in NYC Midnight’s Tweet Me A Story Contest!! Squee!!! This is the part where you can help me win.

The contest works like this.  For the first round we were broken up into 20 groups. Each group was given a word and five hours to write up to three tweets that told a story using that word exactly as is. (So no adding suffixes or changing the tense type things).  Basically, tell a story using only 140 character story. After the first round, judges picked the top 25 stories in each group and those 25 advance to the semi-finals.

I got into the semi-finals!! In fact, I’m going to brag a bit, all 3 of my stories made it!  (Although that may work to my disadvantage in the voting.)

Now, here’s where you can help.  For the next round, there is a public voting part.  The story in each group that receives the most votes from the public will advance to the finals.  The judges will also choose an additional four to advance, making for 100 people in the finals.   For the finals, everyone will be given the same word and 5 hours to write three stories.

I would really appreciate it if you head over to NYC Midnight and voted.  I am in group 11, the word was “appetite”, and I’m Jessica Anne.  If you like one of mine, please vote.  One of mine is R rated, in case your easily offended. (And if you’re not, you know you want to go read the R rated one ;) ).  Tell your friends, tell your tweeps, get out and vote!  Please?  Vote For Me!!

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  1. Sarafree
    Twitter: sarafree

    Congrats on your exciting Wednesday! Stopping by from The Red Dress Club. The twitter story sounds interesting, I am off to check it out!

  2. Lorrie No
    Twitter: Moogirl

    Great stories! I voted for you. The blood one reminds me of Dexter even though he didn’t taste the blood of his victims.

  3. NotJustAnotherJennifer
    Twitter: MidwestMomments

    Yay! How cool! I voted for you. Got a chill from the blood one….