I’ve mentioned before that I love watching the process of language acquisition. I think it’s so cool to see how children learn an entire language from just hearing it and how they go through the same stages, babbling, single words, short sentences, long sentences, and even nuances.

Samantha is learning some nuances right now, and they’re hilarious.  She’s picking up colloquialisms from various people.  She’s learned how to throw an uff-da into the conversation appropriately from me (that would be Norwegian and commonly heard in Minnesota). I’ve discovered it’s not that easy to use correctly. My husband tries sometimes. He just sounds funny.  It’s one of those phrases you have to pick up as a child to get the nuances right.  He learned it from me as an adult, and trust me, it doesn’t work for him.

She also says “actually” a lot. Also from me.  As in, “Actually, I was just going to do that,” or “That would be nice, actually.” It’s kind of annoying, actually.  So I’m bummed she’s picked it up.

There’s also Oh. My. God. and ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Another one from me. Ooops.

Then there’s the things she’s picking up from preschool. In particular, she has started saying “girl”.  She has a teacher who is in her early fifties, African American, and has a slight southern twang.  She says “girl” a lot.  As in, “Girl, come over her and show Ms. Mary your coat,” and “Girl, you better not be doing that after I just told you to stop it.” That kind of thing. I’m sure you can imagine the intonation and inflection she uses.

Sammy has it down pat. And I have to say, it’s hilarious.  She says it only to Ella. They’ll be playing together and I’ll here, “Girl, come over here,” and “Girl, what are you doing?”

I wonder if it’s something she’ll continue to use once she’s no longer around that teacher, or if she will drop it at some point.  I guess I’ll just have to keep studying her language acquisition and find out.

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  1. Ratz says:

    That is funny Jessica… I am a part of a multilingual family too… and when we were kids, my parents asked us to talk in their mother tongue… but because we were living in a different part of the country at least not where my parents were born, we had a mix of words and languages coming together… it was funny and it still is…
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    • Jessica Anne says:

      It is funny all the words flying around here. My husband is Japanese, so they use those words as well. I’m also part Hungarian, and although I don’t speak, there are a few words I use. The baby is really confused right now with all the different languages she hears. :)

  2. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Clarabel went through an actually stage. It’s over, thankfully. I am not sure where she learned it. Laila is all about ‘for real’ which has no relevance to whether or not she is telling the truth.

  3. Moomser
    Twitter: moomser

    That’s funny, and interesting, and cute, all at the same time. My kids are learning to speak Italian (we live in Italy), English (from me) and Portuguese (me and the nanny) they come up with some insane stuff, but at least we understand them! I can’t wait for the nuances.
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  4. Mommy's Paradise
    Twitter: mommysparadise

    Oh yes, the different languages. My little one is 2 1/2 yo and is using Swiss-German (with me), English (with my Hubs, the neighbours and again with me) and some words Creole (with other small kids) and of course sometimes he’s still mixing it up. But he knows very well what language he can talk to whom. And of course he’s picked up some ‘slang’ words I’d rather not have used, not bad words, but not the best ones either, too late now. Sigh.
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