Sock Laundry is the Worst

Laundry is no fun. I know no one who likes it. Some people don’t mind it, but no one I know actually enjoys it. For me, the worst is the folding. I hate to fold laundry. Especially children’s laundry. Tiny shirts, tiny skirts, tiny panties, 3T or 5T, they all look the same. For some reason, small clothes seem to take longer to fold. But the absolute worst are the socks.


First, I cannot tell the sizes apart. I’m constantly unfolding to see if one is bigger than the other so I can try to figure out which white sock belongs to which child.

Then there are the brands. If I do manage to figure out the sizes, then I have to match the Baby Gap white sock to the other Baby Gap white and not to the Target, or Old Navy, or unlabeled white sock. I’m not good at it.

So I wind up with this:

A huge pile of unmatched socks


If you look, there seems to be a large number of pink and white socks. Surely, some of them match. But if you look closely, you see this:

They're all different brands


And this:

Yes, that's as white as they get


Every time I do laundry, I wind up with at least two mismatched socks. I keep them in a drawer and periodically check to see if any match. They almost never do.

I know the missing socks sometimes occur because my girls like to mess around and leave the socks all over the place for me to find months later.

But I honestly don’t think that accounts for all the missing socks. I am convinced somewhere out there is a little gremlin stealing my socks trying to drive me insane. He’s pretty close to achieving his mission.

What is your least favorite laundry to do? Or do you like to do laundry? If you do, are you available to come do mine?


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  1. Evonne
    Twitter: _MamaJules_

    I don’t mind washing clothes. It’s the folding and putting away I hate.

    Even though I have a boy and a girl, their socks still get mixed up. I try to stick with one brand. My daughter has purple words on her socks and my son has green. But even then, it doesn’t always work.

    About a month ago, all of my son’s socks disappeared. I deep cleaned the living room – under/behind the couch, in the toybox and drawers. I found no less than 11 pairs of his socks!
    Evonne´s last post ..Two become one

  2. Amanda says:

    LOL! I have the same issues. I can’t tell the difference between white 6-12 mo, 18-24 mo socks, and 2T-3T socks. I match them up, throw them into the same drawer, and then I still can’t figured out what sizes they are. I’ve tried to dress my oldest (who is 4) in 6-12 mo socks a number of times… But you live in CA, right? Why would you need socks? ;)
    Amanda´s last post ..Gifts From a Boy

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I try to put the wrong size socks on all the time and then I get scolded. :) For some reason, my girls love socks, mostly to wear to bed or instead of shoes in the backyard. That results in the sorry state of my white socks. ;)

  3. The Drama Mama
    Twitter: poopscoopinmama

    Jellybean refused to wear matching socks, so I don’t even worry about it anymore for her, however Scooby likes his socks to match. He keeps me on my toes.
    The Drama Mama´s last post ..Weathered- Waiting

  4. Azlb
    Twitter: azlb

    My white socks look just like yours!!!!

  5. Susie B. Homemaker
    Twitter: susiebhomemaker

    You need to get some of those sock holders that pair up your socks then you throw them in the laundry… no more lost socks!

    p.s. I tagged you. :)
    Susie B. Homemaker´s last post ..Easter Egg Hunt- Wordless Wednesday

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