Another Shot at the Gene Pool

One thing I think a lot of  parents do during pregnancy is imagine what their children are going to look like. Whose eyes will they have? What color hair will they have? It’s fun to speculate and decide what characteristics you hope to pass on and which you’d maybe rather they not get.

Since Sean is Japanese, I figured they would have darker hair, darker eyes, and darker skin than I do.  But still, I thought I’d get something.  There would be some way that just by looking at them, people would know they were my children.  Yeah, not so much. Turns out Sean has freakishly dominant genes.  Like the OB who did Penelope’s 20 week ultrasound said when we walked in with the older two girls, “Well, I know who the father is, are you sure you’re the mother?”

I think they got my chin (that would be one of those traits I’d rather not pass on) and they all got my virtually non-existent pinky toe nails.  (Yes, girls, I’m the reason you have to paint your skin to look like you have a toenail.) Otherwise, not much.  However, each one has maybe looked a little bit more like me than that last.  Samantha, pretty much a mini-Sean.  Penny, maybe you can tell she’s my biological child.

Here’s the picture progression:


Sean, the gene master

Sammy aka mini-Sean


Ella only 90% Sean



Penelope, I think I got a solid 15% of this one



Captain weak genes


So now I’m excited to have another shot at this gene pool thing.

My sister is pregnant, due in August, and she married someone even paler than we are.  I think there’s a good chance her child will look like me.  (You thought I was pregnant again, didn’t you?  Had you going for a minute. :) ).

Do your kids look like you or their father? Did you pass anything along you wish you hadn’t?  Doesn’t Penelope look just like me? (Lie and say she does. It will make me happy.)



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  1. Moomser
    Twitter: moomser

    Are you sure Penny is Sean’s cause she looks NOTHING like him, oh, and she looks JUST like you!
    I DID thinkg you were pregnant again, and I WAS wondering if you’d gone crazy, I mean four kids under five? Yikes!!
    Moomser´s last post ..Ten things I want to teach my daughter

  2. Evonne
    Twitter: _MamaJules_

    Penny is a spitting image of you!

    My daughter looks just like my husband. My son looks more like me than his sister does, but to me, he looks exactly like my brother did at that age.
    Evonne´s last post ..I remember when

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I see my sister-in-law a lot in my girls. There is a picture of Sean when he’s the same age as my oldest in the photo above and you can’t tell them apart. My oldest sees the picture and thinks it’s her.

  3. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    That’s not a current pic of Ella and Penny, is it?
    Either way, let’s go with Penny is the mini you.

    You totally had me going, I thought you were pregnant. And crazy.

  4. Amanda says:

    It keeps switching. Sometimes people with say that my girls look more like my husband, and sometimes there will be a period of time when everyone is saying that they look like me. One thing is certain – my 1st and 3rd daughter look like little clones of each other.

    I only hope that my children don’t inherit my vitiligo – which is, unfortunately, genetic.

    Your children are adorable, btw. And count me among the commenters who also thought you were pregnant!
    Amanda´s last post ..Potty Humor

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I think my girls look like each other too. It’s funny how they change and look more like one parent than the other. I hope it’s my turn soon. :)

  5. Jen @ LitasWorld
    Twitter: litasworld

    WOW you totally had me fooled..I was getting all ready for some big congratutations!! I’ll still send them congrats to your sister and to you for the fun world of being an Aunt!! Your kids are just gorgeous!! We trace both our girls back to their Grandparents more than anything…since they’re both my step daughters we always joke about other traits I gave them..i.e. good at math, handwriting, etc….just to tease my hubby :)