Making a Facebook Welcome Page

I usually don’t post blogging how-to tutorials because, well, I’m not very techy. I can do some basic things, like I set up the social media buttons on my sidebar so they actually go where they’re supposed to when you click on them, but otherwise, if there’s not an easy button, I can’t do it myself.

I decided to re-publicize my facebook fan page after getting my assessment from the social media gurus over at Eli Rose. (Seriously, they do a great job. The blog assessment was awesome and they answered all my questions. All of them. There were a lot. And really reasonably priced.)

I had made my fan page private because I wasn’t really using it, even though I love my personal facebook page.  I opted to just use Twitter.  Turns out, not everyone is on Twitter (I know, I was shocked) and some people prefer facebook.  By not having a facebook page, I was potentially losing a way to interact with my readers.  So it’s back.

I’ve always liked welcome pages on other people’s fan pages.  The idea is when someone who doesn’t like your page already visits it, they will automatically see the welcome page first. It’s a place where you can kind of sell your blog and encourage people to like it. I wanted one, but I didn’t know how to set it up.

I googled and came up with some tutorials that were from before the new facebook and I didn’t understand them anyway.  Couldn’t figure it out.

Then I stumbled upon Pagemodo.  They have templates to build your very own free welcome page. Just click the template, upload pictures or logos where you want them, write in spaces for writing, click finished and it installs it into your facebook page for you.  Super easy.

Here’s what mine looks like. I cut off the bottom part because I couldn’t figure out how to get a bigger screenshot (see, not techy).


Isn't it purty?


The biggest challenge was making the title at the top. I had to do it myself. That’s as artsy as I can manage.

So now, when new people visit my fan page, they get a nice little welcome page and I get to pretend I have a clue about things like this.

Do you have a welcome page?  Do you think it’s helpful?  Have you liked my facebook page?


** Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. All the opinions are mine.

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  1. MultipleMum says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I need to make one of these for my husband’s business FB page and this will help. I don’t actually have a FB page for my blog nor do I tweet (sinner I know!). Maybe I should start?!
    MultipleMum´s last post ..52in52- Climbing trees

    • Jessica Anne says:

      It’s so easy. You can make one page free. You can pay to make multiple pages if you need it for a business and I don’t think it’s too expensive. You should definitely try twitter and facebook. Kind of fun. Twitter took me a while to figure out the point, but now it’s my favorite.

  2. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I was scared when I read the title but I could maybe do this. And I shall like your page, of course.

  3. The Drama Mama
    Twitter: poopscoopinmama

    You know, I should know this, but I didn’t. Also, I can make your header here any size, if you wanted to use it for your welcome page. Just let me know what size, etc. YAY for you making one of your own though!! Wasn’t it fun?
    The Drama Mama´s last post ..Weathered- Pursuit of a Happy Ending

    • Jessica Anne says:

      Thanks! I decided since my button is on the page anyway, I’d just use the words. I don’t know if fun is the word I would use. Stressful, maybe. :)

  4. Very helpful!! Thanks!!

  5. mom in rome says:

    this is super cool!! I have been researching a lot myself and I COULDN’T FIND anything useful! thanks for sharing and stopping by!!!!!
    mom in rome´s last post ..Outfit N1

  6. Kid Id
    Twitter: diaperdiatribe

    Great to connect with you through TRDC. This is really helpful! I’m probably even less techno savvy than you and had given up on the whole FB page revamping. You’ve increased my hopes that I might actually be able to do something with my FB page! I have to try this. Thanks!

  7. Jen @ Lita's world
    Twitter: litasworld

    SUPPER COOL!! Wow, I had no idea as I struggled to create mine and get it the right size, etc. I must give this a try – thanks for the tip!!