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Kristin at Peace, Love, and Museli has a great linky right now about fast thinking moms who figure out ways to have fun and keep their sanity.  I had to participate since I’m always trying to find ways to keep my sanity.  I hope to learn something from the other participants.  (I’ll take all the help I can get.)



It’s summer here in L.A. and it’s getting hot.  My girls love to use their little inflatable pool and I love to let them.  They play for at least an hour, stay cool (I’ve been known to go in on really hot days), and it tires them out like nothing else, making bed time easier.  But, I do like to be green, so dumping all that water out on the grass kind of makes me cringe.  Sure, it waters the grass, but we have a sprinkler system for that (and we use it sparingly) and it’s really too much water for just one spot.  My solution, have the kids grab buckets or their little watering cans and water the garden and potted plants around the yard.  The plants get watered. The pool gets emptied.  The kids have fun and I don’t have fighting over the hose. Plus, it tires them out running between the pool and the garden.  Even easier bedtime.  Win-win.


And, since I like to share, my other fast thinking idea involves bananas.  We go through three bunches of bananas a week here.  My kids love them (and so do I). Sometimes, though, my kids want junk food to eat and I won’t give it to them.  So, I offer a banana.  They’re not really hungry, they just wanted junk food, but they take the banana and eat a quarter or half of it only.  I’ll finish them sometimes, but I’m not always hungry.  I’d throw out a lot of bananas if I didn’t find something to do with them.  Instead, I put the left overs in baggies in the freezer and save them to make smoothies later.  Much less food wasting.

Now, you might be wondering about germs. I won’t keep bananas from an obviously sick child.  Otherwise, I figure the freezer will kill a lot of germs.  Plus, with the amount of germ sharing that goes on around here, a little banana between family won’t matter.  That said, were I to make a smoothie for someone not in our family, I would use a fresh banana.  Just so you know.

So there are my fast thinking, sanity saving, mom ideas.  I’m sure you all have some.  You can write about it and share it over at Peace, Love, and Museli until June 29th.


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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Germs, shmerms. I’m totally going to use the banana idea- Laila is notorious for eating half a banana. We haven’t activated our little pool yet but I’ll be getting buckets. Excellent fast thinking!

  2. Sue Campbell says:

    I’d have a banana smoothie at your place anyday.

  3. Lula Lola
    Twitter: lulalola112

    The banana idea is genius! My kids are forever eating three bites and then walking away. That’s some fast thinking!