A 5th Birthday Party

The fifth birthday festivities have finally come to an end.  We had cupcakes at a family BBQ the day before Samantha’s birthday, we had cupcakes at school on her birthday, there were gifts and more cake at home on her birthday, and this weekend, we finally had her birthday party.

It turned out really well.  We went to the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.  A friend of mine (hi, Viv) told me about this place in March and I booked it way back then (they fill up fast), having never been.  I figured it would be fine.

It was more than fine.  The aquarium has parties from 10-12 every Saturday and Sunday.  You get the entire aquarium to yourself for that time.  It’s a smallish aquarium, but they have a shark tank, and a really big touch tank, and quite a few other tanks.

Happy Birthday Girl

Ella and shark eggs

Penny and some anenomes

More than enough to keep everyone occupied for a couple hours.  There is also a crown making station, and story time.  We paid extra for a little program where they brought out a sea star, sea cucumber, hermit crab, and snail for the kids to see up close and learn about the animals.


It was definitely a memorable birthday party for Samantha and everyone seemed to have a really good time. But I suppose, a little cake helped with that.

A Barbie Fairytopia birthday cake

Forks just slow Ella down

Seriously? More pictures?

Plus, I didn’t have to clean up, one of the many reasons I don’t have parties at my house.

Also, I can’t wait until the girls are just a little older and we can go to the Santa Monica Pier.  I had forgotten how much fun that place is.

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  1. Moomser
    Twitter: moomser

    Awesome idea for a party! Made me wish I could’ve gone…
    And Happy Birthday to Samantha!!

  2. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I love the aquarium idea. Sounds lovely and so great to have the place to yourself. Gearing up for 7th bday festivities tomorrow.

  3. AZLB
    Twitter: azlb

    what a great idea for a party…happy birthday to your little one!

  4. Amanda says:

    That sounds like a great birthday party idea. Happy birthday to Samantha!

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