Simple Green Cleaning

You may all know I’m into green living.  I try to do what I can to live a green lifestyle and stay aware of how my choices impact the environment.

One of the ways I do that is by making most of my own cleaning supplies.  I make an all purpose cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and use borax to clean the toilets. I have a homemade glass cleaner that blows the socks off any commercial product I’ve used.  I don’t use laundry detergent except on really dirty loads, and then use only biodegradable, non-toxic products.  I even wash my hard wood floors with a cup of white vinegar mixed in a bucket of warm water.

But, there are times when that’s just not convenient or a homemade product just doesn’t quite cut it.  I’ve had to find a natural mildew cleaner for our shower because I just can’t find a homemade recipe that works.

I also understand the feeling that homemade products don’t work as well or kill germs as well.  We’ve been using harsh chemicals from a store our whole lives, it can be hard to just stop cold turkey.  I definitely made the transition to homemade gradually by first using store bought green products.  But sometimes, it’s hard to find green replacements for everything.

I recently tried Bona free and simple hardwood floor cleaner. It’s a non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic formula that’s really easy to use.  You just sweep your floor, spray the Bona cleaner, and mop it up.  Easy.

I have to say, I’m a convert.  This is one product that I think beats my homemade cleaner.  I love that it’s completely non-scented. No odor at all.  That’s definitely an improvement over the vinegar I was using.  It cleans great, and leaves my floors shiny but not at all sticky or slippery.  I have to say, the vinegar water I was using dulled my floors a little.

The Bona products are also Greenguard certified.  It’s a third party certification that ensures the products are free of chemicals that contribute to indoor air pollution so we can breathe easy and know the products we use in our homes aren’t contributing to things like allergies and asthma.  With a husband and at least one child with significant allergies, keeping fumes out of my home is a priority for me. Keeping my family healthy and safe, and making a positive impact on the world is why I choose to clean using green products.

There is another benefit as well.  I used to have to clean and run interference on my kids at the same time to keep them from touching the surfaces I had just cleaned or stepping on my floors that I had just coated with something toxic.  I’d close doors, set them in front of the television, or give them a project to do while I cleaned as fast as I could.  Still, they found me and I was washing little hands and feet in between scrubbing the toilets.  Now, cleaning is much more relaxing. I don’t have to worry about them getting into something that could hurt them. And I have time to catch up on some reading.

Start 'em young

**Disclaimers: I received a sample of Bona free and clear hardwood floor cleaner through the Healthy Child Healthy World blogger challenge. The opinions are honest and mine.  Also, no children were harmed for the purposes of this blog post.

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    The only solution I’ve found for shower mildew is to tear out the bathroom and build a new one.
    Expensive but pretty.