The Honey Challenge


Leslie, aka Crunchy Betty,  issued a challenge last week, and since we all know I have a bloggy crush on Leslie, I signed up. I’ve been taking the Honey Challenge for the last week and my skin is loving it!

The challenge is super easy, wash your face at least once a day with raw honey for two weeks and see how you like it. That’s it.  Two weeks. Honey.

Why Honey?

Leslie does a great job explaining it in depth on the Honey Challenge post, but here’s the skinny version.

1. It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial.

2. Super moisturizing.

3. Has healing properties for any acne blemishes or scars.

4. Enzymes help clean your face and are anti-aging.


I have to admit, I’ve been a little lax on the homemade face washing stuff lately. I’ve been using the Say Yes brand intermittently, and really, my skin is not so much loving it.  So this was perfect timing to get me back onto my homemade regimen. I’ve used honey as a mask before, but never as a daily face wash, so I was curious how it would go.

In the morning I’ve been washing with honey and, if I remember and have time, leaving it on for a few minutes.  My skin is super soft, clean, and clear.

I see no reason to stop.

It’s a natural way to cleanse your skin involving no chemicals or nasty stuff.  And think of the money savings from ditching those expensive moisturizers, creams, and cleansers.

And honey never goes bad. Ever. (You know, since it’s antimicrobial.)  Even if it crystallizes it’s still good.  You just need to warm it in a cup of warm water to melt the crystals.  Think how long one jar of honey will last.

Wanna try and see for yourself?

Here’s what you do:

1. Get raw honey.  You can read in depth about why using raw honey is important at Crunchy Betty.  Here’s the low down though.  Raw honey is not pasteurized.  Pasteurization (heating it up really hot) destroys the lovely enzymes in the honey that are so good for your skin.  So look for it to say raw. Got it. Raw.

2. Pour about a teaspoon in your hands and rub them together to warm up the honey.

3. Rub honey on face.  (Make sure you have your hair pulled out of the way.)  The honey will liquify a little on your skin and not be too sticky and thick.

4. Leave it on your face.  If you have time, leave it on for 5-10 minutes.  If not, that’s okay.

You could snack during this time too

5. Rinse face with water.  It rinses off really easily.

young glowing skin

That’s it. Once a day for two weeks.  Make sure you’re using it on make-up free skin, so in the morning probably.  It’s so easy, a 3 and 5 year old can do it. If you’re going to try, go over and sign up at Crunchy Betty.  There’s prizes involved.

Are you doing the challenge?  How’s it going?  Have you used honey before as a face wash?

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I am not doing the challenge, yet. I intend to. My girls are peeking at the pics and thinking they’d like to lick honey off their fingers too. Perhaps we’ll play along later today.

  2. Moomser
    Twitter: moomser

    Darn you Jessica Anne, I did NOT need another great blog to follow.
    I’m starting the honey challenge today. sigh. directly with the makeup removal instructions cause I’m on a quest to see how many new uses for baking soda I can find.

    • Jessica Anne says:

      Sorry about that, if it’s any consolation, Crunchy Betty is really really great. :)

      Baking soda mixed with distilled water makes an excellent microdermabrasion for your face. (There’s a post on Crunchy Betty.) You can also use it mixed with water and a little liquid soap for homemade soft scrub. Did you know those two already?

  3. Leslie
    Twitter: crunchybetty

    Yay! LOVE it!

    I just have to say – your babies are turning into such adorable little ladies. I want to squish their little honey-covered cheeks. So glad you’re (they’re) taking the honey challenge, lady. Mwah!

  4. Jen @ Lita's world
    Twitter: litasworld

    Yahoo!!! Yes, I’ve been doing the honey challenge too…who knew the best face wash EVER was sitting inside my cupboard all this time!!! I love it and think my skin is looking better than ever…finally! I love the photos of your little angels…especially the ones of them licking the honey as I can’t seem to help myself from doing the same!

  5. simply heidi
    Twitter: franticsimple

    I’m doing the honey challenge too! I just bought a bottle for my own little (big) girl to keep in her shower and try – before she gets hormone riddled-teen skin. :)
    Your girls are lovely!

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I hope to get my girls onto natural products while they’re young so they don’t waste all their time on nasty chemicals that don’t really work. I hope your daughter likes it!

  6. Ali says:

    your girls are so adorable! i love the shirley temple-esque moment captured of your little one putting honey on her face. :)

    also reminds me of my sisters and i, the three of us had the same noses and cheeks when we were little. (our mom is filipino and our daddy grew up a country boy in southern IL.)

    i found you from cb’s honey challenge post, and i will definitely keep reading! your writing is great, and those little ladies are just irresistible.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I did the challenge too and it was great. I think you had WAY more fun with it though… judging by those precious photos! Sweetness overload!