It Must Be Love

Sean and I have been together since 1998 and will be married for 6 years in September.  That’s a long time.  Things change in relationships. Some might say the romance dies.

That’s true to an extent.  Flowers for no reason, or even for a reason, don’t happen as often.  With kids around, meals alone are rare.  Leisurely, romantic meals in dimly lit, over-priced restaurants almost never happen.

Sometimes I find myself watching a sappy chick flick on television (because going out to the movies doesn’t happen either) and longing for those early days when every time you touch you can actually feel the spark.

Then I turn off the television and remember that’s infatuation, not love.  It’s the little things that remind me my husband does indeed still love me, despite having seen me give birth three times and despite that floppy skin still hanging out around my tummy.

For instance, he’s really good at buying me gifts.  I’ll mention something in passing and months later, there it is for Mother’s Day or my birthday.  Sometimes I even forget I had mentioned something, but he remembers.  That’s love.

He almost always calls before he leaves work to see if I need or want anything.  If I say yes, he stops for it even though he’s worked a twelve hour day.  If he’s in a rush to get home to see the girls before they go to bed, he’ll go back out instead of crashing on the couch in front of the television.  This even includes picking me up dinner at a vegan restaurant and having them think it’s him eating the food and risking his carnivorous reputation. That’s love.

He both supports and encourages my dream of becoming a published author.  He reads my stories, even though he doesn’t read fiction, and gives me input and says he likes them.  He comes home early from work for eight weeks so I can go to a writing class.  That’s love.

Last week, I saw yet more evidence that my husband loves me.   All the BlogHer talk finally got to me, and I was really wishing I was going.  I hadn’t mentioned it before because Sean works Wednesday through Saturday, and we don’t have child care, so he would have to take off work for me to go have fun at a blogging conference.  Plus it’s the early days of the new intern class for him, and as the intern director, he’s a little busy this time of the year dealing with all the newbies.

But, I was getting a little envious of all the people going and really wanted to meet some of my bloggy friends, so I mentioned it. I mean, it is in San Diego, like 2 hours away.  He said I should go. I told him when it was and why I couldn’t and I thought that was the end of the discussion.

The next day he came home and told me his mom would babysit all day on Saturday so I could go to BlogHer!  Now, that’s love.

So, I will be at BlogHer on Saturday! WooHoo!  The lovely @kristinglas and @mommyspen are letting me crash in their hotel room Saturday night so I don’t have to drive back the same day.  My plan, meet people, go to a party or two, and just have some grown up conversations.  I’ll probably attend some sessions too.  We’ll see. :)


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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Those darn sappy romcoms get to me too.
    Ken doesn’t score quite as well as Sean in the gift department. I asked for an iPad everyday for 2 weeks. Nothing. Humph.

  2. Sean says:

    Someone may read this story and think that it’s my mom that actually loves you. =)