Back Into The Fray

I started working again two Mondays ago.  I’m only working Mondays 9-7 until December covering maternity leave for one of the vets at the practice I used to work.  (This is the third maternity leave I’ve covered for this practice.  I’m wondering how many more babies they can have. :) ).

This is the first I’ve worked since Penelope arrived 20 months ago. I was a little apprehensive. Sean has all three girls by himself on Mondays.  I wasn’t sure how that would go.  I was sure the girls and he would survive and eat, but I wasn’t so sure I wouldn’t come home to a huge mess that would take me two hours to pick up.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish all the chores around here with one less day to do it.  My biggest concern, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go back.  I like staying home.  I don’t always like being a vet.

This is what I’ve found in the last two weeks.  Not everything gets done that I normally do on Mondays at home, but it’s relatively picked up and manageable.  The chores are all getting done somehow during the rest of the week. The girls seem to really be enjoying a day with just their daddy and I think Daddy is enjoying it too.

Also, I’m enjoying working again.  It exercises my brain a little.  Even though it’s the same old thing, it’s still thinking about something more stimulating than Hop on Pop.  I get to talk to grown ups.  I forgot how nice that can be.  I’m not at work worrying about my kids.  I’m comfortable being away from them for a day.  That’s a big one for me.

I’ve decided relief work suits me.  I get to work, see adults, see some puppies, get out of the house.  Then I go home and I don’t have to deal with the annoying parts of my job.  If I see an infuriating client, it’s okay because I know I won’t be their regular doctor.  I can deal with them for a few weeks and then say adios. I like that a whole lot.

We’ll see how the next few months go, but I may consider doing some semi-regular relief work.

Did you go back part-time or temporarily after your kids?  Did you like it?

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Yeah! I am glad you are enjoying it. I think it’s great that the kids are home with Sean. It’s good all around.
    (and I am laughing at your title)

  2. AZLB
    Twitter: azlb

    so glad you are enjoying it!!!!

  3. Moomser
    Twitter: moomser

    I was strong-armed into going back to work three mornings a week by my boss (also husband), thought I’d hate it but am actually enjoying it. Am not there enough to be really invested (I tend towards workaholism), but it gets me out of the house, into some decent clothing and makeup and it dusts off my social skills… not bad!
    Hope it keeps working out for you, and it’s great that the girls get to spend more time with their daddy!

  4. A Liu says:

    I pretty much feel the same way (kind of ambivalent) about going back to work. I’ll probably eventually try to find a place to work 1-2 days/week mainly because it would help out financially. I’m glad you’re finding it enjoyable and that Sean and the girls get a chance to spend time together. I was a little worried about how he would do having to watch 3 kids by himself; I know my husband would be run a little ragged in that situation ;)

    • Jessica Anne says:

      It does help out financially. I think one of the perks of Sean watching the girls is he does get a little ragged, so he kind of understands why I am. :)

  5. Jen @ LitasWorld
    Twitter: litasworld

    My company cut back hours 3 years ago, so I’ve been working an average of 32 hours a week since then. Honestly, I’d like to cut back more, but then I look a the job market and feel happy that I even have a job. With my husband retired now, at times, it does make it hard to watch him having all the fun with the boys while I’m at the office.

    That being said, I think if we were both home all the time, I might go a bit nutty :) My job is super flexible so I can take any time off I need and since I’ve been working with them for over 20 years I feel accustomed to the whole routine of it all. I worked freelance for a few years (my current company was one of my big clients) and do find that going in and talking to other adults regularly really keeps my brain stimulated – as you said above.

    So happy you’re enjoying your time back and glad that the home front isn’t falling apart without you :)
    Jen @ LitasWorld´s last post ..How Time Flies

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I think I was going nutty being home all the time. I definitely know retired people who wished they hadn’t done it so early because they’re a little bored.

      I’m glad the house isn’t falling apart too. I was worried about that. :)

  6. abi says:

    I didn’t want to go back either, even part-time. But a job at the local library opened up, and seeing as how I had just got my master’s when I found out I was pregnant, I could put that to use. Plus it’s two nights a week which means it wasn’t too much, my husband would be home in time so we wouldn’t need to figure out childcare, a little extra money, and in the same town so no extra gas money. There was literally no downside other than, “I just don’t feel like working again.”

    It’s been working out well for me too. I like the whole dealing with other adults part, plus I’m already there so no exuses not to pick up books to read. :)
    abi´s last post ..Housekeeping (Figuratively)

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I would love to work at a library! I have no qualifications other than enjoying reading, but still.

      I feel the exact same way, there’s really no downside other than just not feeling like it. Now that I’m actually doing it, it’s okay.