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I am so excited to have my friend Kristin, from Peace, Love, and Museli fame, guest posting for me today! Kristin blogs about healthy eating healthy, living healthy, and feeling good.  Today she’s talking about a summertime parenting dilemma.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. After reading her post, make sure you stop by and check out her blog for a dose of healthiness.





I grew up with a pool. It was a well-loved pool. Almost every summer day we were in that pool, rain or shine.

A pool gives a hot summer day a cool way to play and exercise. It gives confidence in the water. I want all that for my kids but we don’t have a pool.

The next best thing is a community pool. A community pool has lots of benefits.

  • For $105 my family can swim as much as we want July to September.
  • Friends and neighbours are there and we don’t have the responsibility of hosting them at our house.
  • We can walk there (though we don’t, yet)
  • Professional lifeguards are watching over the pool.

There are a few pains about a public pool.

  • Sometimes I am certain a lifeguard is totally hungover and I want them out of the chair.
  • Oh. My. Hormones. Please stop touching each other. And giggling. Does your mother know you wore that out in public?
  • You must follow the rules, like no chips or margaritas in the pool.

The rules part that is giving my some parenting grief this summer. My kids know the rules and know they must follow them or get a whistle blown at them. Most of the rules start with DON’T, some of them start with DO…

At our pool 7 year olds are able to take a swim test. If they pass they are given the green armband of independence. My 7 year old can pass the test, the city has deemed her competent to swim without me. (I have to be in the pool area, just not with her) I am not convinced that she is a strong enough swimmer to swim without me. In a small private pool yes, in the chaos of a public pool, no. I am giving her as much independence as I feel comfortable. She’s allowed to swim freely in the roped area where she can touch the bottom with her head above water.  Any deep water and I am going too. Ditto diving board.

So far in my parenting career when we are at the pool, I am in the pool. My 4 year old wears the orange armband of must be in arms reach, so I swim.

I’ve long watched the mother’s lounging around the pool deck with their iPad’s and books with some envy. That would sure be nice, sitting there enjoying some peace and quiet. But then I am needed to throw a diving ring or watch a handstand or go down the slide and I am not sure those mom’s on their iPad’s have a better deal.

One day my kids will be strong enough swimmers and I will have to embrace the green wristband of independence. But for now I am keeping them in arms reach.

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I had forgotten that today was the day, and wondered who’s guest post you were running when I saw the title. D’oh.
    Thanks friend.

  2. Sue Campbell says:

    You need Ken to dig you a pool. That no chip thing has got to be rough.

  3. Stephanie says:

    That’s so poignant Kristin, and really beautiful too. I keep coming back to the last few lines again and again. You definitely have the better deal.
    Stephanie´s last post ..Strawberry Pots Forever

  4. laschuelemaxim says:

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