Bras 101

bra circa 1911

I attended the Skinny Cow From A cup to Ice Cream Cup event I wrote about here.   (Again guys, we’re talking bras today if you want to skip it.)  It was a lot of fun! There were women of every age eating ice cream, drinking wine, and getting bra fittings.

I am happy to report, I was wearing the right size. Yay! I am also happy to report I tried the Warner’s “This is Not a Bra” bra and I’m a new devotee. Instead of underwire, they use some kind of soft material that doesn’t dig in yet accomplishes the same effect. Brilliant.

I also learned a few things about bras, getting them to fit, and keeping them fitting as well as some trivia. So here you go:

Bra 101

1. If the cups are loose, saggy, go down a cup size.

2. If the bra rides up, go down a band size.

3. A new bra should fit on the loosest clasp setting so you can tighten it at it ages.

4. Rotate your bras.  Use 2-3 a week to allow them to “rest”.  (Apparently, being a bra is hard work.)

5. The first athletic bra was made by sewing two jock straps together. It was named the jog bra.

6. Do not put them in the dryer. Ever. It ruins the elastic. Line dry them. And use a lingerie bag.

7.  The word brassiere was added to the English dictionary in 1911.

8.  Bra fitting is part science, part art form. Try on a variety, they don’t all fit the same even if they’re the same size.

9. I’m glad bras are no longer intended to be stiff.

sounds comfy

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  1. RoryBore
    Twitter: rorybore

    This is actually really great info. I remember the saleslady helping me fit/size my maternity and nursing bras….but I have never done it with my regular bras. Mine always ride up in the back and I had No idea that it meant the band size was too big. Yeah…I get to go shopping!
    RoryBore´s last post ..Wordless/Wordy Wednesday – The One Where mama lets you eat cookies for breakfast

  2. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I’ve been getting mine properly fitted since I weaned Laila. Still hate them. The really good ones are a million dollars, or at least the ones in my size are.
    Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli´s last post ..Extreme Canning.

  3. Mägi says:


    Don’t tell anyone.

    But I stopped wearing bras.

    I was in Portland, bra-less, and I loved the feeling! Then I realized, “Oi, why am I wearing this if it is so uncomfortable?” And since then, I haven’t.

    To keep the world at rest (some people wouldn’t be comfortable with it) I always wear vests. I get compliments on my vests, and people don’t know it’s simply because I’m not wearing a bra.

    But thank you for the bra-education!

    Mägi´s last post ..Climbing the Radio Tower

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