Eyebrow Maintenance

Do you remember the show “Friends”?  Of course you do.  First, I’m not that old. Second, it’s still on re-runs all the time.

Anyway. Back when the episodes were all new, I read an interview with the female cast members.  I think it was Jennifer Aniston being interviewed. I don’t recall exactly.  Anyway.  She said Courtney Cox was always plucking their eyebrows and that Courtney felt it crucial to have one’s eyebrows neatly groomed.  It makes you look put together and neat.

That interview has always stuck with me.  I really don’t care what Courtney Cox thinks, she’s not one of my favorite actresses, but I can’t help when I look in the mirror and see my unkempt eyebrows, to think how disappointed Courtney Cox would be if we ever met.

I try to keep them neat, but I’m both lazy and not very good at plucking.  I don’t have a unibrow or big caterpillar eyebrows, or anything, but they could be neater.   I just can’t seem to schedule a waxing appointment. It’s too much of a commitment to make an appointment in advance.  I don’t have time for that.

But, I was in the mall a couple weeks ago and walked by a little place that does threading.  Have you heard of threading?  They use a thread, hold one end in their mouth, twist it up, and then spin it to remove the hair.  Here’s  a little video I found showing it.

So I went in and had it done because Courtney Cox’s voice was in my head.

It was interesting.  As you see in the video, you have to help hold your skin taut for the threader.  The thread buzzes as it does it’s job. A lot of hair can come out with one spin, so it falls like when you get your hair cut, which is kind of a weird sensation since it’s eyebrow hair.  It hurts.  Not horribly, but enough that my eyes were watering by the end. So maybe don’t wear mascara.  At the end, my skin was red, like after waxing, but the redness faded quickly. The whole experience took about 10 minutes.

My eyebrows looked very good afterwards.  I was definitely pleased with the results.  Courtney Cox would approve.

Have you had your eyebrows threaded? Do you wax or pluck?  Do you think Courtney Cox is right about neat eyebrows?


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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’ve never heard of threading! This is kind of awesome, but I don’t envy you girls with eyebrows that need tending. Mine are blond and practically invisible. They are so sparse that eyebrow pencils don’t work–most of the pencil shows as a line on the skin. If I’m very careful with a brush, I can enhance them a little with a soft-color eye shadow, but that’s it. When I was about 13, about the time my brunette friends were beginning to pluck, my girlfriend plucked one of mine. It is the only eyebrow hair of mine ever plucked, and I threatened her life if she came at me with those tweezers again.

  2. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I think the pursuit of eyebrow perfection is similar to the pursuit of perfectly white teeth. Perfection is never achievable.
    That said, I’d like to try threading, it looks neat.
    Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli´s last post ..Homemade Caramel Apples.

  3. Ali says:

    i think i started getting in trouble for borrowing my mom’s tweezers and forgetting to put them back sometime in middle school… and after a few rounds of that, she went to rite aid and picked up another pair. :) i completely agree about the importance of eyebrow maintenance, at least for my bold and black brows: in high school art class, a guy once started the “draw the person across from you” exercise with my eyebrows. i have always done it myself, but not always well. i just pluck, and i recently added trimming with tiny scissors… i may be a little obsessed, but i’m happy with the results! that seventh grader sneaking her mom’s tweezers would never have guessed that someday strangers would be complimenting her eyebrows.