First Crush

Samantha loves to draw. It’s her go-to activity.  She wants to draw all day, so after a day of school doing not drawing, she comes home and whips out 10 ish masterpieces.  I don’t usually watch what she’s drawing as the other two children usually need something or I’m attempting to pick up the mess around the house.  She shows me her art work after she’s done.

Right now she’s in her portrait phase.  She draws pictures of herself with various other people.  Sometimes members of our family, sometimes friends, and sometimes characters from her favorite shows (i.e. Disney princesses).  She also likes to put their names on the paper, so I am constantly spelling names for her.  Last week, she asked me to spell Ryan.  That would be the first boy other than her father she has ever drawn.  Then she showed me the picture. It was this:

Notice the matching outfits and smiley faces in the letters


Let me break down the finer points of this drawing for you.

First, notice the matching outfits.  Samantha is in a skirt, while Ryan is in shorts.  But, she is already dressing her boyfriends as she sees fit.

Second, the names on the top are preceded by their ages (5 for both).  Notice how she put smiley faces in all the letters.

Oh, and third, you may notice the sentence she wrote. “I love Ryan.”


She’s 5, people, 5! In kindergarten for Pete’s sake.

I am not ready for this.  Far from ready from it. Boys.

On the other hand, it’s kind of cute.

I volunteer in Sammy’s class on Wednesdays.  Yesterday, they had circle time.  Sammy sat down. Ryan sat down right next to her.  Ryan is a good boy in class. He behaves himself and does a good job on his work.  He’s not one of those boys that fools around and is loud.  He pays attention and does what he’s supposed to.

But when he sat down next to her, he first said, “hi”.  Sammy shyly looked down at her hands, smiling.  He upped his game by goofing off and making silly faces.  Sammy ignored him at first, but then I saw a smile.

Then she looked at me. She smiled.  That smile that says this goofy guy is totally making a fool of himself for me. I know it, and I kind of like it.

Oh boy, I’m in trouble.

When did your children get their first crushes?

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  1. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli
    Twitter: kristinglas

    No crushes at my house. Not. A. One.
    (but really, I’ve already had to have a we don’t have boyfriends in kindergarten talk with my 4yo)
    Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli´s last post ..Pumpkins: For Eating, Carving And For Fancy.

  2. Before you hit the panic button, let me tell you that my daughter, also 5, already has a crush. He’s this boy from her school… She simply is all giggly whenever she tells me about him. I don’t know where to blame this…. on media? or am I failing as a mom?