The Bible (as interpreted by a 3 1/2 year old)

Our kids attend a Lutheran preschool.  They go to chapel once a week and hear Bible stories and learn about God and Jesus.  They celebrate Christian holidays, say grace before eating, etc.

We don’t go to church as a family.  Therefore, we don’t discuss it much at home.  This leads to our children interpreting things in their own ways.  Samantha said grace before dinner last year, for example.  She’s a little more introspective, so that’s pretty much all we heard from her.

Ella is a little more open with what’s going on inside her head.  And it’s been interesting. For example, she is fond of the idea that God made everything special. He made her special, and mommy special, and daddy special, and the trees special, and, you get the idea.  She then took that idea to her toys, which she declared were made special by God.  Not only that, but they were made special by God just for her, so, clearly, she doesn’t have to share any of them, since they were made special just for her. Yep, God does not want any sharing to take place.

They also collect offering at chapel for a charity.  This quarter, the money is going to buy mosquito nets for people who need them.  Apparently, they’re telling the kids malaria kills, which is true, but being that she’s three, she finds this concerning.  Also, we have princess canopies over the girls’ beds which must look like the pictures of the malaria nets she sees at school.  I should mention, Ella does not have one since she keeps pulling it out of the ceiling.

Ella’s brain has processed this in her own unique way, and has come up with the following facts. First, that we have the canopies over their beds because Sean’s dad died from mosquito bites because he didn’t have a net over his bed. (It was lung cancer, but he didn’t have net over his bed, so she’s partially right.) Second, Sean is in mortal danger because God said if you don’t have a net over your bed a mosquito will bite you and you will die. I’m not sure what she thinks about not having a net over her bed, or why she’s not concerned about me.

I’m kind of glad we have those Little Angels DVDs, she’s really into them, and I think the cartoons are setting her straight.

Have your children picked up any interesting Bible interpretations?

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  1. Kristin
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    Ella teamed with Poppy’s Hank and they could talk the best theologians into a corner.
    Kristin´s last post ..In Case Of The End Of The World, We Have Rice.