Meatless Mondays: Easy Meals

So, I didn’t do a lot of cooking last week.  Why? I don’t know, just one of those weeks.  I’m sure we all have them, when we don’t really feel like cooking, but we also don’t really feel like eating a bunch of junk either. (I ate too much junk last week, but that’s another story.)  Sometimes, you just need some quick, healthy, and let’s face it, microwaveable meals.  So here are a few of my faves.   Let me know if you have any other you like.

1. Soup

Pick a nice vegetable/grain soup or bean soup.   I’m a big fan of Amy’s.  A lot of Amy’s products are vegan, all are vegetarian.  They taste good, and aren’t loaded with sodium like some soups can be. My favorite right now is the vegetable-lentil soup.  I also had a really good soup from Trader Joe’s last week, it was lentil with ancient grains.  Yummy with quinoa and two other grains I can’t remember right now.

2. Salad

Summer’s coming, so nice fresh salad ingredients are popping up every where.  Buy a pre-made one at the store, or throw one together using whatever you have on hand at home.

3. Frozen Dinners

Now, I know, they’re not all super healthy, but you can find healthier brands.  Amy’s, again, is a readily available brand.  Go to Trader Joe’s and look for the V for vegan symbol.  A plant based meal is going to be healthier in general than other frozen options.  In fact, look for the V for vegan symbol anywhere.  Companies that are putting that symbol on their products are gearing their marketing to health conscious consumers, and generally put out a decent product health wise. There are tons of foods out there that are vegan, but aren’t labeled because that’s not who the company is marketing to.  Oreos, for example.  Vegan but not labeled as such.  If you’re looking at something and aren’t sure it’s vegan, look at the cholesterol on the label.  Zero cholesterol and you’ve got yourself a vegan food most likely since cholesterol only comes from animal products.

4. Pancakes

I’ve been making pancakes every week for the last month for dinner.  Why? Because they’re easy and relatively healthy (use soy or other plant milk, and try an egg replacer), and I usually have the ingredients on hand. Or try Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes from PCRM.  My kids like them and I believe they’re gluten free. (I expect someone to correct me if they aren’t.)  Plus, super healthy for your heart and your kids will think you’re cool serving them breakfast for dinner (or crazy, whatever).

5. Pizza

No, not take out, that’s not healthy.  Sorry.  Make your own.  You can buy a crust, use pita bread or bagels, buy dough, or make your own dough, it’s really not hard.  Spread jarred spaghetti sauce on it and top with your favorite veggies.  I love putting fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and some fresh basil on mine.  No cheese required.  Or you can put whatever you like, or whatever your kids will eat.  Make a smiley face or individual pizzas and let the kids top their own with ingredients you supply.  If you do use cheese, go easy on it, you’ll be surprised how little you need. If you make a full size pizza, I cook them for 18 min at 450 F to get the crust done.

There you have it, my top 5 I’m too lazy to cook for real, but I don’t want to eat garbage meals.  What do you make when you don’t feel like cooking?  Who else loves breakfast for dinner?  Anyone else think all meals should be breakfast? Note to self, new fad diet, the breakfast only diet.

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Our go to dinner is sausages and fried potatoes. Not vegan but delicious. Or nachos, I do love a massive plate of nachos.
    Kristin´s last post ..How Do I Like My Eggs?